If you were walking to your car in the mall parking lot and saw a $100.00 bill on the ground, would you not bend down and pick it up? Of course, you would pick it up (and would probably be thinking how to spend this “found” money)! If $100.00 led to thousands of dollars in just a few months wouldn’t that get you even more pumped up? Unless you are independently wealthy (and then I would ask why you are still working!), of course, it would.

I recently heard about a sales rep (they are new to the co-op world, so they are forgiven for what I am about to tell you!), who had a customer who was a medium-sized Tire Center. The rep found out that they had $100.00 in their accrual fund for Yokohama tires and their response was “this is not worth it”. I want to list just a few reasons why it is “more” than worth it.

  1. Is this the only tire brand they sell? I am betting they may also sell additional brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone/Firestone, Cooper Tire, Dunlop, BF Goodrich, etc. – all of which have great co-op programs.
  2. I would ask the Tire Center what the top 3 to 6 brands that they sell. It may be that Michelin or Firestone is their number one seller’s (in which case they would most likely have more funding there).
  3. Or, they do sell a lot of Yokohama and are very well versed in Co-op and may have used the funds they have accrued to date. That $100.00 may be from accrual earnings in the past month. This is a great scenario as the Tire Center understands Co-op and can really work with you on which brand to promote, and when.
  4. If they are not well versed in Co-op, this is a great time to make them aware and since you are the first person taking the time to explain it, you will be earning a loyal customer going forward.
  5. You can then research all the top brands they sell and come back to them with recommendations as to what brands to promote and when so that you can utilize all co-op funding they would receive for all of 2020.

As you can see, that $100.00 may be the best find you ever made!

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