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We provide a complete suite of solutions from our online database, co-op concierge fulfillment services, co-op training and even co-op consulting. Every service is geared to save your team time, increase sales and provide your business with more revenue opportunity.


Co>Op Connect Training

Learn everything you need to know about co-op advertising and strategies.

New to co-op advertising? We’ve got you covered! Perfect for new users or those who want to improve their understanding and approach to co-op programs, Co>Op Connect Training will train you and your team on how to perform all the steps necessary for the co-op advertising process. The training also includes how to utilize the Co>Op Connect Database and how to locate accrual balances, and product documentation, while we provide you with sales support, editorials and training materials.

  • Both in-person and webinar classes
  • Classes designed for individuals and groups
  • Co-op Instruction Training Classes
  • Advanced classes for best practices, plans and strategies
  • On-going training, editorials and webinars
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Co>Op Connect Training will show you how to:

  • Utilize the Co>Op Connect Database
  • Approach customers about co-op programs
  • Meet brand and advertising standards
  • Simplify the entire co-op process
  • Expedite the claim process
  • And More

Dedicated Assistance & Support

We are the experts in everything involving co-op advertising, so if you or your team needs additional assistance, advice or training, Co>Op Connect will deliver immediate results. Whether you’re looking for new leads, customized research or current customer audits, just ask us how we can be of assistance. We are always happy to help.

Learn how to use co-op strategies to sell more advertising space.

Co>Op Connect will teach you and your team everything you need to know about:

  • Accrual & Accrual Periods
  • Ad Requirements
  • Authorization Letters
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Claim Documentation & Processes
  • Co-op Store Audits
  • Manufacturer Agreements
  • Performance Periods
  • Participation Percentages
  • Prior Approval Processes
  • Vendor Support Funds
  • And Much More

Learn How to Sell More Ads with Co>Op Connect!

We can tell you exactly how much co-op money is available for your advertisers and help you through the entire co-op process. Contact us today for a free, online demonstration and to learn about our Co>Op Connect Database, services and pricing for your team!

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