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We provide a complete suite of solutions from our online database, co-op concierge fulfillment services, co-op training and even co-op consulting. Every service is geared to save your team time, increase sales and provide your business with more revenue opportunity.


Co>Op Connect Database

Sell more ads by connecting your clients to over 8,000 co-op plans.

No more chasing co-op advertising plans for your clients! The Co>Op Connect Database brings thousands of co-op brand programs into one, easy-to-use directory that features information such as co-op contacts, accrual rates, reimbursement percentages, media type descriptions, promotions, ad materials and so much more. Co>Op Connect provides you with everything you need to increase sales through co-op advertising.

  • Browse over 8,000 co-op advertising plans from major brands and manufacturers
  • Find the latest co-op advertising plans as they become available
  • Simplify the entire research process for co-op advertising and promotions
  • Get quicker turnaround times and on-going support
  • Generate more sales opportunities by providing added services and support to your customers
  • Access essential information to help you expedite the entire co-op process
  • Always be prepared with brochures, research forms, authorization letters and other resource documents that are available for your use
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Co>Op Connect Knowledge Base

Everything You Need to Know About Co-Op.

With a subscription to Co>Op Connect, you now gain access to the all-new Knowledge Base! The Co>Op Knowledge Base is an exclusive, online resource that provides everything you need to make co-op effortless and includes the Co>Op Database Guide, an illustrated manual on how to utilize the Co>Op Database and understand manufacturer co-op advertising plans. The Knowledge Base provides all the Co>Op documents and forms for both you and your clients, and the new Co>Op Sales Guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to sell more co-op advertising while supporting your advertisers through the entire co-op process. See for yourself how co-op advertising is anything but complicated with Co>Op Connect!

  • Free with a subscription to the Co>Op Connect Database
  • Print or digitally fill-out co-op forms for your advertisers
  • Utilize the Co>Op Database Guide with diagrams and in-depth details
  • Simplify the research of co-op advertising programs, promotions and processes
  • Read step-by-step instructions and quick-tips on how to sell more co-op advertising
  • Learn how to support your advertisers with the Co>Op Sales Guide
  • Look-up co-op terminology and learn more about co-op advertising as a whole
  • Download forms, sales guides and other essential documents
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Learn How to Sell More Ads with Co>Op Connect!

We can tell you exactly how much co-op money is available for your advertisers and help you through the entire co-op process. Contact us today for a free, online demonstration and to learn about our Co>Op Connect Database, services and pricing for your team!

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