Co-op funds are available for thousands of brands, and believe it or not, fertilizer brands are included! All that April rain and a little warmer weather started all the trees and flowers blooming in the Midwest. Let’s look at some “flower trivia” that may get you inspired with some creative ad campaigns for any of your customers selling “planting” products.

Flower Trivia

    1. A sunflower is not just one flower. The sunflower is huge, but the head or fuzzy brown center contains 1,000 – 2,000 individual flowers. Each of those individual flowers will produce a sunflower seed.
    2. Butterflies might be more attracted to your weeds than your flowers (a good case not to work so hard pulling weeds…LOL!). It’s more about the fragrance and the nectar that attracts the butterflies. Some flowers have been bred for enhanced color and size which over time has made them lose their fragrance in the process. Dandelions and clovers might actually be more appealing to those butterflies!
    3. What flower was once more valuable than gold? During the 1600s, tulips were so valuable in Holland that their bulbs were worth more than gold. The craze was called tulip mania and caused the crash of the Dutch economy.
    4. Why do cranberries float? Small pockets of air inside cranberries cause them to bounce and float in water (I bet we are all going to try this now!).
    5. Petunias are the best-selling bedding annual flower in the U.S. with annual sales revenue of over $262 million dollars.
    6. The number one flower in popularity in the world is the Rose.

Listed below are just a few of the fertilizer brands that offer co-op funding to their reseller channel. You can certainly locate more brands if you have a subscription to the Co-Op Connect Platform and search for “Fertilizers” or “Agriculture”.

Brand – Products/Services – High-Level Guidelines

FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Co. – Soils and Fertilizers for indoor & outdoor gardening
The accrual fund earned is based on the prior year’s purchases and is between 1 – 2% (based on volume purchased from mfr.). Reimbursement is 100% for traditional and digital advertising.

Jonathan Green Turf Products – Retail Lawn & Garden Products – Grass Seed, Fertilizers, Garden Care Products
The accrual fund earned is based on the SKUs purchased. 13-24 SKUs purchased earns 4% and 25 SKUs or more earns 7%. Reimbursement is 100% for traditional and digital advertising.

Voluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc. – Lawn & Garden chemicals and fertilizers
The accrual fund earned is 6% of purchases made from November of the prior year through October of the current year. Reimbursement is up to 100% for traditional and digital advertising. These guidelines also apply to the Hi-Yield, Ferti-Lome, and Natural Guard brands.


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