Step two of the five “steps” of the Localogy Co-Op Concierge offering is Co-op Accrual Research. We reach out to the brands on behalf of your sales reps to find out how much co-op funding the various brands have available for each of their customers to spend. If you are a Co-Op Connect Platform subscriber, you already have access to this form. It is called the Co-Op Authorization Letter & Request Form, and it is under the “Co-Op Sales Docs” tab. This is a two-page form that allows the sales reps to submit up to six different brands for research. For businesses like a tire shop that sells multiple brands, obtaining the co-op data on brands like Michelin, Yokohama, BFGoodrich, and Goodyear (to name a few) is extremely valuable. Finding funds for multiple brands is a great way to work with your customers on “long-term” campaigns. You may want to promote Michelin via Facebook, promote a Yokohama tire sale in the local newspaper, and then promote additional brands in future months.

Let’s also talk about Hardware Stores since they sell thousands of brands. As a sales rep, I would walk into that store and ask the manager what are the top 6 items that sell at this store. It may be paint, lawnmowers, patio furniture or plumbing fixtures…who knows! The chances are good that whatever paint brands (lawnmowers, etc.) they sell offer co-op funding to this store. The sales rep can fill out the Co-Op Authorization Letter & Request Form with these brands and send it to the Co-Op Connect team for research. Once your sales rep is given the accrual balances for each brand, they can prepare ad campaigns for the Hardware Store utilizing all the money available.

We continually reach out to brands on behalf of our Co-Op Concierge customers and their clients. We track the accrual balances for them and let them know as money is spent on advertising or if more money is earned. Through March, we have tracked $980,899.96 in available co-op dollars.

Listed below are the top five brands we researched in the month of April. Top brands change each month, as quite a bit of advertising is tied to seasonality of the products being sold. This short list just demonstrates that co-op funding is offered under hundreds of categories/verticals.

  1. Mohawk Industries – SmartStrand/Wear-Dated Fiber
  2. Whirlpool Corp.
  3. Yamaha Motor – Sport – Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles
  4. Honda Motor – Motorcycles/ATV
  5. Polaris Industries – Off-Road vehicles


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