Everyone likes to over-complicate the use of co-op funds, but it really does boil down to the 3 C’s.

Communicate: Communicate promotions, research leads and source them to sales.  Communication with your local advertisers on the opportunities available and how you can help with all aspects of co-op advertising. The Localogy Co>Op Connect database provides you with the national seasonal promotions created by the various brands.  The brands love it when their local dealer/reseller channel uses these same campaigns, plugging in their dealer name, address, hours of operation, etc.

Compliance: Making sure the ads are compliant with the co-op program guidelines. If using the seasonal campaigns created by the brand you already know your advertiser is compliant!  If creating an ad for your customer, ensure you follow the guidelines as reflected in the Co>Op Connect database.  Or, many brands have created portals containing a variety of artwork/scripts that you can download.  The art usually has a pre-made area waiting for you to insert all the dealer/reseller information.

Claiming: Submit the Claim to the manufacturer so your local advertiser is reimbursed. The final step is providing your advertiser with the documentation they need to collect their co-op funds once the advertising goes live.  Again, you will find the documentation that the brand requires in order to release the funds in the Co-Op database.  It normally is a copy of the invoice along with a proof of live ad.  It may be a tear sheet, a video of the final broadcast spot, a screenshot, a Performance Report, or a website URL.

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