January, February, and early March are the times of year for all the auto, home improvement, and boat shows. For this article, we are going to focus on upcoming Boat Shows. 21 states are holding major boat shows in this time period. As you can imagine, you will see boat shows in Florida, California, Maine, Texas, and all the states on the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico. You will also see some shows in states like Kansas, North Dakota, and Oklahoma, as they have a lot of inland lakes with fantastic fishing.

Not only can you help your client advertise in advance of the show that they will be there (and promote their booth or location at the show), but you can also help your client use co-op funding for the show itself. The great majority of brands do provide co-op funding for Trade Shows!

Below are just a few of the boating-related brands that offer co-op funding for their reseller network. Hopefully, you have clients selling some of these brands:

Brand Name Product/Service High-Level Guidelines

  • Alumacraft – Boats and canoes
    Their program runs from 8/1/23 through 7/31/24. Accrual funds are earned at the rate of .05 of Dealer Base Price. Reimbursement is between 50-70% and is dependent on whether you use the brand’s pre-made templates or the dealer creates their own ad.
  • Viaggio Pontoon Boats – Pontoon Boats and Accessories
    Accrual fund is 1% of boat purchases from the manufacturer in the current year. Reimbursement is 50% for Print media, Online advertising (Social Media, Online Display) and Trade Shows.
  • White River Marine Group – Boats
    These guidelines also cover their 7 brands of: Mako, Nitro, Ranger Boats, Regency Pontoon Boats, Sun Tracker, Tahoe, and Triton Boats. The program runs from 5/2023-5/2024. Reimbursement is anywhere from 25% – 100% for Traditional and Digital advertising.
  • Yamaha Motor – Watercraft – Sport Boats – Waverunner and Boats
    Prior approval is required for any advertising not pre-made by Yamaha. Accrual funds are based on the dealer’s level of attainment. Reimbursement is anywhere from 50-80% for Traditional and Digital advertising.

Note: Here is a great link to upcoming boat shows: https://www.discoverboating.com/boat-shows


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