The baseball season just started last week so there is still a whole “season of opportunity” to use co-op funds. Do you know how random thoughts pop into your head at strange times? Well, a TV spot/jingle from 1975 popped into my head that went “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet”. I am telling you it is pretty catchy – look it up! It made me think of all the co-op opportunities around just this one sport. Your advertisers can promote with signage both inside the stadium and the outfield fences. All the stadiums have programs showing player stats and then pages and pages of advertising. All the stadiums have special promotion nights throughout the season which provides great opportunities for broadcast and digital advertising.

When I go to the ballpark I see outfield promotions for brands like Scott’s Lawn Care, Toro, various insurance companies and much more. Below are a few interesting facts that also show you that this is a big opportunity.

Interesting Baseball Facts

  1. Baseball is the oldest professional sports league in the world. It was founded in 1876 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  2. The minimum salary for a major league ball player is $570,500.00.
  3. The two highest-paid players are Max Scherzer whose 3-year contract is worth $130 million and Justin Verlander (who I will forever think of as a Detroit Tiger!) has a 2-year contract worth $86.6 million.
  4. There are 30 National League ballparks and 120 Farm System teams. Each major league team has 4 Farm System teams where future superstars are honing their skills (remember “Klinger” from MASH and his beloved Toledo Mud Hens?). So that is 150 opportunities for some serious advertising. But…don’t forget all the advertising opportunities at high school and college ballparks, along with all the pre-game advertising that can be done for special events.

Below are just a few of the brands that offer co-op funding that would be a great fit for baseball. The Co-Op Connect Platform has many more!

Brand – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

  • The Scotts Company LLC – Lawn and Garden Products
    Accrual funds are earned on current-year purchases and are put into individual “buckets” by the brand (such as Roundup, Tomcat, etc.). Reimbursement is 100% for both traditional and digital advertising.
  • Toro Company – Lawn & Garden – Toro Walk, Riding, and LCE Products
    Accrual funds are earned on current year purchases and are based on volume purchased – can be anywhere from 1 – 6%. Reimbursement is also based on volume purchased and is anywhere from 50 – 70% for traditional and digital advertising.
  • Grinnell Mutual Insurance – Insurance
    Mutual Members and General Agents are eligible based on written premiums from the prior year. Reimbursement is between 50 – 75% based on the media selected.
  • Hankook Tire America Corporation (This is THE tire of Major League Baseball) – Passenger & Light Truck Tires
    Accrual funds are earned on current-year purchases. Contact [email protected] for balances. Reimbursement is 50-100%. Will be 100% if no competitors are included, pro-rated if the competitor(s) are added.
  • General Motors – Chevrolet – New Cars, Trucks, and Certified Used CPO
    They have two components to their program. The LMA component reimburses 50% while the iMR component reimburses 100% for traditional and digital advertising.

Tie-In to National Ad Campaign
If you work with any tire dealers that sell Hankook Tires this would be a great time to tie into their National Ad Campaign:

Hankook Great Catch Rebate!
Let your Hankook dealers know about this rebate offer. Get up to a $100 rebate via a Prepaid Mastercard when you purchase a set of 4 select Hankook Tires. The offer expires on May 21, 2023.

To learn more about our Concierge Services or Co-Op Connect Platform, call us at 866-583-5397 or email [email protected].

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