Co-op funds are available for thousands of brands – all listed in the Co-Op Connect Platform. You see all this great information on the Platform but then wonder what the next steps are. If your sales reps know what co-op advertising funds are, and how they can use them to help their customers obtain more (or longer) ad campaigns and stay within their allotted budget, then you are “good to go”. However, if your sales team is not familiar with co-op funding and how to use it as the great sales tool that it is, we can help!
In addition to the Localogy Co-Op Connect Platform, we also offer our Concierge Services. These services provide you with administrative help for your sales team, so that they can utilize co-op funding for their customers while still being able to do what they do best…sell! Below are the various services we provide, and you can sign up to use some, or all, as needed by your internal team.

  1. Co-op Audit
  2. Co-op Accrual Research
  3. Co-op Ad Creation
  4. Co-op Prior Approvals
  5. Co-op Claim Packages

These are the five “main” administrative steps to ensure co-op advertising success. In this article, we will focus on the first one, the “Audit.”

Co-op Audit
Wouldn’t it be great if your sales rep could go into their customer’s location (or call them) and be able to tell them they know all the brands they carry and which of those brands offer co-op funding? It shows their customer/advertiser that they put some advanced research into their business to try and help them grow!

You send us a list of your current advertisers and we do all the work! In return you will receive an EXCEL spreadsheet showing all advertisers, along with research from Websites, Social Media Platforms and more, showing the brands they carry and currently “mention” on the various platforms. We then look at those brands and provide you with data for the brands they carry that do offer co-op funding.

If you know your current customers and what they sell, you can send us a list of potential new customers to grow your business, and we will audit those companies.


Co-op Connect is a full-service customized co-op advertising solutions provider.

Are you looking for a top-notch provider of customized co-op advertising solutions? Look no further than Co-op Connect! The team is dedicated to helping clients increase sales through co-op advertising, and they pride themselves on their commitment to teamwork, reliability, excellence, and value. With a focus on expertise, technology, strong leadership, and great team members, Co-op Connect is the perfect partner for any business looking to take its co-op advertising to the next level. To learn more, you can reach out to us at [email protected]. Or call 866-323-5504 to schedule a 20-minute demo.

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