Mother’s Day is on May 14th, 2023 and that means this is just the right time to start helping your advertisers with their Mother’s Day advertising campaigns. If you have customers in the jewelry, floral, and spa/salon business this is a great time to “amp” up their advertising programs. Even home and garden centers, pool and hot tubs (hey, I am trying to help the Mom’s out here!), sewing centers, appliance stores, and flooring stores would all benefit from increased Mother’s Day advertising.

Surprising Mother’s Day Facts
Mother’s Day is all about showering Mom with flowers, cards, and a nice lunch or dinner. Below is a bit of history and some current facts:

  1. Mother’s Day officially began as a tribute to one woman. Her name was Anna Reeves Jarvis and when her Mother (named Ann) died on May 9, 1905, she set out to create a day to honor her Mother and all Moms as a group. She started this holiday in West Virginia and then in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing her ideas and making it a national holiday to be celebrated the second Sunday in May.
  2. Mother’s Day is a $25 billion commercial holiday, with folks spending $200 on average for a gift. Folks spend $5 billion on jewelry alone, another $5 billion on a special outing (like dinners), $843 million on cards, and $2.6 billion on flowers and gift cards.
  3. The white carnation is the official flower of Mother’s Day.

Below are just a few of the brands that offer co-op funding for Mother’s Day-related gifts. The Co-op Connect Platform has many more!

Brand – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

  • Pandora – Jewelry
    Reimbursement is 50% but you must build your ads on the Pandora Brand Builder (PBB) to be eligible for co-op funding. This program is available in both the U.S. and Canada.
  • Tacori – Jewelry
    Reimbursement is at 50% for both print and digital advertising. Accrual funds earned are anywhere from 3% to 10% of your prior year’s purchases and is based on your retailer level.
  • Zeltiq – CoolSculpting – Body Contouring Treatment
    Reimbursement is 50% for both print and digital advertising. Accrual funds are a “set” amount based on one of 6 investment levels. It starts at $5k and goes to $125k per year.
  • Hoffinger Industries – Doughboy Recreational – Swimming Pools
    Reimbursement is 50% for dealer-created ads and 75% if using ads from the brand’s Media Kit. Accrual funds are earned at the rate of 1.5% – 3.5% depending on dealer level.

This is also a great time to tie into the brand’s national ad campaigns. For instance, Pandora has a couple of national promotions going on that you can utilize at the local level. They have a buy one bracelet get one free. They also have Mother’s Day Gift Sets – either necklaces and earrings or bracelets with charms. These promotions will be running from April 13th – May 14th.


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