On Monday, we step into the 4th Quarter of 2023, and there is no better time to get involved with co-op advertising!

If you are a Localogy Co-op Concierge Subscriber, this is the best time to start submitting the Co-op Authorization Letter & Request Forms to our team so that we can find available co-op funds for your advertisers.

For the first 8 months of this year, the Co-op Connect team has located over $5.5 million dollars in available co-op funds for our Concierge subscribers. We have processed 652 requests requiring us to reach out to 124 brands (and we have thousands of brands listed on the Platform)!

Let’s look at the top 5 brands that netted our subscribers the most money:

  • Subaru – New Vehicles  $1,822,168.14
  • Honda Motor Co. – Motorcycles/ATV  $459,309.59
  • Mohawk Industries  $402,657.06
  • Stellantis – Chrysler  $282,650.00
  • Generac Power Systems  $271,981.90

If you are not a current Concierge Subscriber, now is a great time to get involved! Co-op funding is a “win/win” for you and your customer. You can help your customers stick to their advertising budget while getting them even more advertising for the upcoming holiday season by utilizing their available co-op funds. It helps you reach your personal and professional goals by creating longer or larger campaigns for your advertisers by using available funds.

Remember: Most co-op programs run on a calendar basis, so you either use the money (by December 31) or lose the money and start again in 2024. Do not let your advertisers lose the money they have rightfully earned!


To learn more about our Concierge Services or Co-Op Connect Platform, call us at 866-583-5397 or email [email protected].

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