Many folks feel that the first of the year is not a great time to utilize co-op funding as accrual balances have been wiped clean at the start of the year – that is just a myth. What does happen at the beginning of the year is that many programs start fresh. By that, it means they may have updates to their program, and they refresh their customer’s accrual balances. With some programs, you earn accrual funds based on your current year’s purchases. However, many of them calculate your accrual balance based on your prior year’s purchases, which means the money is already in the retailers/dealers account as of January 1. The Localogy Co-Op Connect Team located over 1.7 MILLION dollars for our Concierge customers in the first quarter of this year!

The team did 204 accrual requests with 77 different brands and located that much money! There are thousands of brands in the Co-Op Connect Platform – can you imagine how much money is available for all the brands in the Platform? 3 of the accrual requests we researched netted over $100,000 each, and 15 of them over $30,000 each!

Below are just a few brands where larger accrual balances were found in the first quarter.

Brand – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

  • Toro Company – Lawn & Garden Lawnmowers – Walk, Riding & LCE products Accrual ranges from 1 to 6% depending on dealer level. Reimbursement is between 50-70%, also based on level.
  • Generac Power Systems – Generators Mfr. will reimburse 50% for dealer-created ads, 75% for mfr. created ads. Accrual balances can be accessed through
  • Kawasaki Motorsports – Motorcycles, ATVs, Jet Ski Watercraft Dealer receives 1% of prior year purchases as accrual fund. Mfr. reimburses 50% for dealer-created ads, 60% for Kawasaki created ads.
  • Thermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors – Windows & Doors Dealer receives up to 1% of prior year purchases as accrual fund. Mfr. reimburses 50% for traditional and digital advertising.

This is also a great time to tie into the brand’s national ad campaigns. With summer right around the corner lots of brands are offering promotions for everything from BBQ grills to boats and motorcycles. For instance, G3 Boats has a national promotion going on right now that you can utilize at the local level. Get an instant rebate ranging from $700 – $3,000 on eligible new 2023 and prior G3 boats. The offer expires on May 2, 2023.

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