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We provide a complete suite of solutions from our online database, co-op fulfillment services, co-op training and even co-op consulting. Every service is geared to save your team time, increase sales and provide your business more revenue.


Co>Op Connect Database

Sell more ads by connecting your clients to over 8,000 co-op plans.

No more chasing co-op advertising plans for your clients! The Co>Op Connect Database brings thousands of co-op brand programs into one, easy-to-use directory that features information such as co-op contacts, accrual rates, reimbursement percentages, media type descriptions, promotions, ad materials and so much more. Co>Op Connect provides you with everything you need to increase sales through co-op advertising. Who doesn’t love free money? Your clients certainly do. Brand name companies have set aside large sums of money for marketing campaigns. Your clients can take advantage of advertising expenses that are in part set by the manufacturer for prepayment. Local advertisers love this, as it makes their marketing program do more, and increases their advertising budget.

  • Browse over 8,000 co-op advertising plans from major brands and manufacturers
  • Find the latest co-op advertising plans as they become available
  • Simplify the entire research process for co-op advertising and promotions
  • Get quicker turnaround times and on-going support
  • Generate more sales opportunities by providing added services and support to your customers
  • Access essential information to help you expedite the entire co-op process
  • Always be prepared with brochures, research forms, authorization letters and other resource documents that are available for your use
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Co>Op Connect Concierge

Advance your processes with full-service support and exceptional subscriber services.

If you’re looking for a seamless process with full-service support, Co>Op Connect Concierge will accelerate and simplify every aspect of co-op advertising. We will work with you to manage the entire co-op process by doing brand research, obtaining accrual balances, submitting prior approvals and obtaining necessary invoices, performance reports and anything else required to prepare the claim package for you and your customer.

  • Beginning-to-end co-op support
  • Brand research and analysis
  • Accrual balances
  • Prior approvals
  • Invoices and performance reports
  • Prepared claim packages
  • Dedicated assistance and support
  • On-going training, editorials and webinars
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Co>Op Connect Training

Learn everything you need to know about co-op advertising and strategies.

Perfect for new users or those who want to improve their understanding and approach to co-op programs, Co>Op Connect Training will train you and your team on how to perform all the steps necessary for the co-op advertising process. The training also includes how to utilize the Co>Op Connect Database and how to locate accrual balances, product documentation and artwork, while we provide you with sales support, editorials and training materials.

  • Both in-person and webinar classes
  • Classes designed for individuals and groups
  • Co-op Instruction Training Classes
  • Advanced classes for best practices, plans and strategies
  • On-going training, editorials and webinars
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Co>Op Connect will show you how to:

  • Utilize the Co>Op Connect Database
  • Approach customers about co-op programs
  • Meet brand and advertising standards
  • Simplify the entire co-op process
  • Expedite the claim process
  • And More

Dedicated Assistance & Support

We are the experts in everything involving co-op advertising, so if you or your team needs additional assistance, advice or training, Co>Op Connect will deliver immediate results. Whether you’re looking for new leads, customized research or current customer audits, just ask us how we can be of assistance. We are always happy to help.

Learn how to use co-op strategies to sell more advertising space.

Co>Op Connect will teach you and your team everything you need to know about:

  • Accrual & Accrual Periods
  • Ad Requirements
  • Authorization Letters
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Claim Documentation & Processes
  • Co-op Store Audits
  • Manufacturer Agreements
  • Performance Periods
  • Participation Percentages
  • Prior Approval Processes
  • Vendor Support Funds
  • And Much More

Co>Op Connect Consulting

Find new customers and gain new insight with dedicated support, customized research and in-depth analysis.

We are the experts in everything involving co-op advertising, so if you or your team needs new leads, in-depth analysis on current customers, additional research or training, Co>Op Consulting will deliver immediate results with our full-service, co-op advertising solutions.

All of our programs are fully-customizable, and your Co>Op Consulting plan can include any or all of our consulting services.

  • Target new customers and start new relationships
  • Current customer audits for co-op program availability
  • Made-to-order lead lists
  • Dedicated assistance and support
  • Customized research and analysis
  • Artwork research and creation
  • Co-op Instruction Training Classes
  • On-going training, editorials and webinars
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Target New Customers

Perfect for all prospecting needs, Co>Op Consulting specializes in providing targeted sales leads and on-demand marketing solutions. We create made-to-order lead lists based on your selections of brand, products, location and any other specifications to help you target new customers and start new relationships in new areas.

Current Customer Audits

We can also find new opportunities for your current customers. Our team of Co>Op Specialists can perform audits on your current customers by researching brands that the customer sells, even if the brand or manufacturer isn’t presently in the Co>Op Connect Database. Whether you’re in need of customized research or dedicated support to pursue new co-op program availability, we will gladly provide you with all the data and information you require.

Customized Research & Analysis

We can provide your team with the all the resources, research and analysis that they need to ensure a successful co-op program. For over 35 years, Co>Op Connect has had long-standing relationships with over 8,000 major brands and manufacturers. This allows us to bridge the relationship of local sellers and major brand manufacturers while providing you and your customers with the insight and information they need.

Artwork Research & Creation

Our Co>Op Specialists can perform art research to obtain up-to-date ad templates, logos and brand imagery to help ensure that your ads are meeting all of the current brand guidelines and advertising standards prior to the Prior Approval process. If the brand does not have an image library or updated art, we will even create the art pieces for you.

Co-op Instruction Training Classes

Co>Op Connect Consulting provides on-going training and dedicated support with webinar consultations and in-person training classes to teach your team about co-op best practices and strategies.

On-Going Training, Editorials & Webinars

Co>Op Consulting provides on-going training editorials and webinar classes to continue teaching your team about co-op best practices and strategies.

Dedicated Assistance & Support

We are the experts in everything involving co-op advertising, so if you or your team needs additional assistance, advice or training, Co>Op Connect will deliver immediate results. We are always happy to help.