Here is the fourth story that the Localogy Co>Op Connect team has put together. Each week the topics will vary – this week its Automotive New Cars. They are meant to be a bit of a stress reliever or make you smile, while still calling out brands that offer co-op funding to their reseller network. Anything shown in blue ink below is a brand that offers co-op funding. You never know, one may stick in your head and help you make a fantastic sale!

My Car Shopping Experience

Coming from someone who goes out and buys her next car on her lunch hour, I thought I had my mind made up again when I planned to buy the Cadillac XT4 SUV. After a test drive, I wasn’t so sure; the dealer said if you want a smoother ride get the XT5. Well, since my Nissan Juke had been paid off for five years it was a little hard to swallow such a large payment. I just figured this was “someone” trying to tell me to slow my roll and test drive a few. So, off I went to drive an FCA – Jeep Compass. I quickly fell in love with the Spitfire Orange and Laser Blue exterior colors. The car would be a lot of off-roading fun, but I was looking for that “glide down the road” feel.

With some of the best safety features on the market, I headed over to the KIA dealer to test drive the Sorrento. Again, I got all wrapped up in picking a great color before even driving the car. This time I fell in love with the Dragon Brown, sort of a rich bronze color. It truly was a great car, but the dealer could not find me that color with leather interior – I had to have heated leather seats! Since there were several dealers within a one-mile area, I went to check out the Chevrolet Equinox next. Well I had an Equinox in 2012 and loved it but I got very distracted by the brand-new look of the Corvette. My bank account was screaming “oh no you don’t” – the old filet mignon taste on a burger budget was kicking in!

Luckily, a cooler head prevailed, and I made my way to the Buick dealer. I didn’t really know much about their lineup of models but once I drove that Expresso Metallic Envision with the heated leather seats, beautiful woodgrain trim, panoramic sunroof, and very smooth ride, I was hooked.

I was starting to think I would end up with a Polaris Slingshot since I was all over the map but ended up making a great choice!

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