Here is the eighth story that the Localogy Co>Op Connect team has put together. Each week the topics will vary – this week it is covering Animal and Pet Supply brands. They are meant to be a bit of a stress reliever or make you smile, while still calling out brands that offer co-op funding to their reseller network. Anything highlighted below is a brand that offers co-op funding. You never know, one may stick in your head and help you make a fantastic sale!

The Perfect Pet!

So, you want a companion but preferably one that doesn’t talk. I guess a parrot is then out of the question! Let’s see if we can find the perfect pet for you. Don’t know how you feel about goats, but I have been seeing a lot of baby goat pictures on Facebook and they are pretty darn cute. You can buy your little “Billy” a Boss Pets bed so he can sleep right in your room with you. I am pretty sure that Flint River Mills makes some kind of goat chow to feed your little prince – just be sure to hide your shoes, I heard they are not that picky about what they eat! Just think…with the right training the two of you can be doing “goat yoga” in no time! Do you live in a wide-open space (preferably with a barn) – what about a horse? You can order a beautiful Big Horn saddle and go out for walks on your lunch hour. They eat a lot of hay, that can’t be that expensive, right? If you are not feeling a farm animal as a pet, let’s move on.

I bet you were originally thinking a dog or a cat, and both are good choices. Now there are two ways you can go here – puppy/kitten or you can adopt an older rescue dog or cat. In either case, you can spend a fortune at the vet so it is nice when you can purchase Cardinal Labs shampoos and cleaner. This way you can save yourself a bit of money by being your own groomer. You can also go to your local pet store instead of the vet to purchase Frontline flea and tick guard which should save some money. The pet store would probably also carry Oravet which would help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and out of the vet’s office. If you choose a cat, you can go with Cat Dancer toys so that their claws stay busy with their toys and not your furniture. Lastly, you are going to want to invest in the Bissell, Inc. spot cleaner – just telling you upfront there is going to be some accidents!

Not ready for that commitment? Well, you can always install a Droll Yankees birdfeeder outside and fill it with Cole’s Wild Bird Products. Then you get to watch birds (and squirrels) eating all that food and you have no additional maintenance. The perfect solution for the perfect pet!


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