I admit it…I had to turn the furnace on two weeks ago to get the chill out of the house. Our staff was having a contest as to who could hold out the longest and I think I was the first one to give in; but once it’s cold, I need to feel toasty! This is the exact time of year to get that furnace and fireplace “tune-up”. You do not want to get to that coldest day in January only to have your furnace conk out on you. Unfortunately, that seems to happen to a lot of people, and boy it is hard to wait your turn for that repair truck when it is zero degrees outside!

Facts about Chimney Sweeps

  1. Most commonly boys were either sold to chimney sweeps by poor parents or obtained from orphanages, but girls were sometimes stuck with the job as well. The kids were typically between the ages of 6 and 12 when they worked as indentured servants to master chimney sweeps. They had to climb up inside the chimney and brush the flues clean. If they were too slow about climbing, their master would light a small fire in the fireplace, which is where the expression “to light a fire under” came from.
  2. In some cases, geese were used to clean chimneys. They would secure a rope on the neck of the goose and force the bird to fly up the chimney. The flapping bird would go up the chimney and the chimney sweep would pull it back down so the bird would brush away soot. Glad to know that practice didn’t last long!
  3. Finally, in the 18th century, there was the passage of the “Act for the Regulation of Chimney Sweepers”. This resulted in Mr. Joseph Glass inventing tools (brushes and canes) that, in modern variations, are still used today. So glad Mr. Glass was so inventive…these other options are almost unbelievable!

Listed below are a few of the brands (and there are many), that offer co-op funding for heating and cooling and fireplace products. If you have any advertisers selling any of these products, now is the perfect time to promote them, while using co-op funds. It is near the end of the year and if your advertisers have co-op funding it may be getting ready to expire – don’t let their funds “go up in smoke”!

Brand Name – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

  • Amantii Electric Fireplaces – Electric Fireplaces
    Dealers earn 2% of current-year purchases as their accrual fund. Reimbursement is 50%. Print and Radio advertising is eligible only.
  • American Hearth – Gas heaters, gas furnaces, gas fireplaces, gas logs
    Dealers earn 2% of current-year purchases as their accrual fund. Reimbursement is up to 50% for both traditional/digital advertising.
  • Fireplace Products, Inc. –Fireplaces, Stoves, Inserts, Accessories
    This also includes both the Hampton Fire and Regency Fireplace Product brands. Accrual funds are earned on current-year purchases but vary by dealer. Reimbursement is 50% for traditional/digital advertising.
  • Carrier – HVAC Units
    This also includes the Bryant brand. The program is offered by the distributor who determines the accrual fund for each dealer. Reimbursement is 50% for traditional/digital advertising.
  • The Trane Company – HVAC Units
    Dealers earn anywhere between 1-4% dependent on dealer level. Reimbursement is anywhere between 50-70% depending on the level of traditional/digital advertising.

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