Memorial weekend is just one month away. It is time to come out of hiding, after being inside all winter, and get things done in the sun! Do you already have a pool or hot tub? If so, this is a great time to stock up on chlorine, bromine, pool filters, and cleaners. Have you been dreaming of getting a pool? Get out now and find the right size for your family before they are sold out. Do you prefer warm water? There are all sizes of spas/hot tubs to fit your outdoor patio. This is also a great time to “snag” a new BBQ grill, outdoor furniture, flower planters, and other outdoor décor. After supply chain issues for the last couple of years, items are finally showing up in stores again, so they are likely to sell out fast.

If you have customers (advertisers) in the Pool & Spa business, Hardware Stores, and Lawn and Garden Centers help them advertise in advance of Memorial Day and use co-op dollars to do it! Below are just a few of the brands (and there are many more) that offer co-op funding for “outdoor type” items:

Brand – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

  • Solenis – Pool & Spa Chemicals
    They mfr. the Baquacil, Baqua Spa, Brilliance for Spas, GLB, hth Pools, Poolife and Ultima Brands. Dealers must purchase a minimum of $15k to receive accrual funds. Accruals funds run between 3-7% based on your dealer level. Mfr. will pay up to 100% of traditional and digital advertising.
  • Caldera Spas – Spas & Hot Tubs
    Co-op funds are earned on a monthly basis and the advertiser receives a set dollar amount for each unit purchased (based on model type). Reimbursement is between 50 – 75% for both traditional and digital advertising.
  • Bullfrog Spas – Spas & Hot Tubs
    Mfr. does offer co-op funding to their retailers but will not share guidelines with third parties. Contact the mfr. with your advertiser to obtain the latest data.
  • Watkins Wellness – Hot Springs Portable Spas – Spas & Hot Tubs
    Co-op funds are earned monthly and vary based on the model type purchased. Reimbursement for traditional advertising is 50%, for digital advertising is 75%.
  • Hayward Products – In Ground Pool Products
    Mfr. will reimburse 50% for traditional and digital advertising. Contact the mfr. with your advertiser (customer) for complete details as funds must be used for specific product lines.
  • Hoffinger Industries – Doughboy Recreational – Above ground Pools, Filters & Accessories
    Accrual amount earned varies – dependent on dealer level (Platinum, Premier, etc.). Amount is between 1.5 – 3.5%. Dealer-created ads are eligible for 50% reimbursement. Mfr. created ads (from Media Kit) are eligible for 75% reimbursement.

The Localogy Co>Op Connect database contains the complete program guidelines for the brands mentioned above and thousands more. Help your customers advertise their outdoor inventory while using co-op dollars to stretch both their budget and reach. If you would like to learn more about our Co-op products and services or get a demo of our database, contact Val Onyski at [email protected] or [email protected].

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