The average cost of a new boat is between $30,000 and $50,000. You can buy a used one for as little as $500 or a brand new, top of the line luxury model for well over $100,000. You may have enough to purchase the boat of your dreams but don’t forget all the annual maintenance that comes with boat ownership.

It is suggested that the annual maintenance is equivalent to 10% of the cost of the boat. This includes everything from painting the hull each year to cleaning the deck and replacing the sails every few years. You also have the mooring costs, insurances, licenses and don’t forget the gas!

If you are still ready to “set sail” there are plenty of boat shows all in the month of January. Here are but a few:

  • January 6 – 9th Atlanta Boat Show
  • January 6 – 9th Charlotte Boat Show
  • January 12 – 16th Chicago Boat, RV & Sail Show
  • January 13 – 17th Cleveland Boat Show
  • January 20 – 23rd Minneapolis Boat Show
  • January 20 – 23rd Nashville Boat Show
  • January 26 – 30th Louisville Boat, RV & Sports Show

If you have any customers that are in the following categories, you may want to discuss utilizing their co-op funds to promote these boat shows:

Boats, Outboards, Watercraft, Insurance, Docks, etc.

Not only would your customers want to advertise that they may be participating in these shows, but they also may be able to use co-op funding to offset their expenses at the Trade Show itself.

Listed below are several boat-related brands that appear in the Localogy Co>Op Connect database. There are many more brands providing co-op in the categories mentioned above.

Grady-White Boats – Boats
Will pay 50% of traditional and digital advertising along with boat shows providing no competitors are in the ads.

Yamaha Motor – Watercraft – Wave Runners – Personal Watercraft
Will pay between 50 and 80% reimbursement dependent on your dealer level for advertising and trade shows.

Suzuki Marine USA, LLC – Outboard Motors
Will pay 25% reimbursement for Newspaper and Yellow Pages; 50% for Radio, TV, Magazine and Billboard; 75% for Digital – i.e., Social Media and Email Blasts and 100% for Trade Shows if exclusive to Suzuki

To find out more about these brands, and hundreds of other brands in this space, contact Localogy for a demo. You can email Alanda Hunt at [email protected] to select a date and time that works best for you.

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