There are many co-op advertising programs for Window and Door brands. Spring, (followed by Fall), is the most popular time to replace doors and windows before it gets too hot (or too snowy)!

Let’s look at a few Window/Door facts. Hopefully, these “factoids” will give you some ideas on a creative angle for helping your customer with their spring window advertising.

Window/Door Facts

  1. The average American home has 8 windows, which takes up 15% of wall space. There is a bit of a guide based on the square footage of the house. For instance, 1,000 square feet may have 8 to 10; 2,000 – 3,000 square feet may have 15 to 25; with 3,000+ square foot homes having 25 to 40.
  2. Windows play a huge role in energy costs. Leaky (older) windows account for 25% of the average home energy bill. New windows can lower utility bills by over $400 per year!
  3. Windows do have an expiration date! No, there isn’t a sticker at the bottom of each window saying, “Please Replace By….”, but the average window lasts 20 years before needing replacement. Some windows, like vinyl windows, last much longer.
  4. Replacing the windows can also add thousands of dollars to its market value, with an ROI of 85% should you decide to sell.
  5. Replacement windows cost an average of $700 – $1,387 per window. It is often cheaper to do the entire house at one time as most companies offer a bulk discount.

Below are just a few brands that offer co-op funding for Window and Door brands:

Brand Name – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

Andersen Corporation – Windows & Doors
Reimbursement is 50 – 100%, with dealer-created ads being 50%. The dealer’s accrual fund is based on purchases from the prior year. 30% of co-op funding must be spent on digital media.

Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors – Windows & Doors
Sapphire Dealer earns .60% of prior year purchases as their accrual fund. Elite dealers earn .40% and Premier Dealer .20%. All advertising is reimbursed at 75% and promotional products at 50%.

Larson Manufacturing Company – Storm Doors
Retailers earn 1% of their current year purchases as their accrual fund. Both traditional and digital media is eligible for 50% reimbursement.


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