Co-op Advertising can help you with the National Agriculture Week is March 21st – 27th. This week celebrates and acknowledges the agricultural industry’s role in stabilizing the economy. This week is to celebrate the industry as a source of abundant food and renewable products, providing millions of people with stable jobs and careers.

If you have advertisers in the agricultural world, help them promote their businesses by utilizing their available co-op funds. So many of these products are “big ticket” items, and with every purchase, they make from the manufacturer/brand, they earn co-op accrual funds. Since these are larger items such as tractors, combines, and more, the Localogy Co-op Connect team has located some large accrual balances ($40,000 and up for individual dealers) for our Concierge customers.

Here are just a few of the Agricultural brands that offer co-op funding to their dealers:

Brand – Products/Services – High-level Guidelines

  • AGI – Agricultural Equipment
    Guidelines apply to the following brands: Batco, Digital, Grain Guard, GrainMaxx, Hutchinson Grain Pumps, Mayrath Swing Away, NECO, SureTrack, and Westfield. Tier 1 and Tier 2 dealers earn different accrual amounts based on the prior year’s purchases. Both are eligible for 50% reimbursement for traditional and digital media.
  • Case Agriculture/CNH – Case IH Agriculture Wholegoods
    Dealers earn 1% of the prior year’s purchases as their accrual fund. Mfr. will reimburse 50% for traditional and digital media.
  • Kubota Tractor Corporation – Tractors, Excavators, Wheel Loaders
    A dealer’s accrual fund is based on a calculation of the prior year’s wholesale shipments. Mfr. will reimburse 50% for traditional and digital media.
  • Mahindra North America, Inc. – New Tractors, Parts, and Service & Maintenance
    This program also applies to the ROXOR brand. Dealer must contact mfr. for accrual balance. Mfr. will reimburse up to 50% for traditional ads and up to 60% for digital ads.
  • New Holland Agriculture – Agricultural Wholegoods
    Dealers who purchased over 1 million in products last year are eligible for co-op accrual funds. Mfr. will reimburse 50% for traditional and digital advertising.


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