March Madness runs from March 13th – April 4th this year. The final championship game will be held in New Orleans at the Caesars Superdome. There are a couple of levels of sponsors/advertisers with the Corporate Champions being at the top. The companies are AT&T, Capital One, and Coca-Cola. There are also Corporate Partners such as Buick, Nissan, LG, Geico, and more! Many of these companies (Buick, Nissan, and LG just to name a few) offer co-op funding to their reseller channel. Can you think of a better way to help your advertisers tie into a huge national event? You can tie into an entire month of basketball-related advertising utilizing co-op funds. The games start in Dayton, OH, and go to a couple of other “host cities” before the final games in New Orleans. If you have advertisers in any of these cities, you will have a bigger influx of game attendees (aka tourists!). This is a great time to amp up all advertising that promotes brand name products regardless of whether they are a corporate sponsor for March Madness….it will just get more people in their establishments at a busy time.

Let’s take a quick peek at a few co-op programs offering for March Madness Corporate Partners and a few more that fit into “sports-related” categories.

Brand Name  Product   High-Level Plan Details

  • General Motors – Buick – New Vehicles
    Manufacturer will reimburse between 50 and 100% of advertising. iMR component reimburses 100% while LMA component reimburses 50%.
  • Nissan – New Vehicles
    This is a rolling 12-month program with dealers earning $250 in co-op funding for each vehicle purchased from the brand. The manufacturer will pay up to 100% of advertising costs.
  • LG – Home entertainment products & Appliances
    The brand will not share guidelines with third parties. However, your advertiser (the LG reseller) has been supplied with a copy of the guidelines.
  • Markwort Sporting Goods Company – Sporting Goods
    Manufacturer provides resellers with an accrual balance of 2% based on current year purchases and will reimburse 50% of advertising.
  • Polaris Industries – Indian Motorcycles – Motorcycles
    Mfr. will earn $150 for each motorcycle purchased the prior year. Will reimburse 75% for Social Media and Paid Search advertising and 50% for all other forms of advertising.

Reminder: You cannot use the words “March Madness” in any advertising unless the manufacturer/brand has the rights to use it. Feel free to say things like: “The Big Game”, “Big Dance”, etc.

We are sure that there are hundreds of brands that you can bring up with your customers immediately to help them utilize their co-op funds for “The Big Game”. If you would like to learn more about our Co-op products and services or get a demo of our database, contact Val Onyski at [email protected] or [email protected].

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