Co-op funds are available for all the major motorcycle brands, and it is now prime motorcycle “season” across the country. Let’s look at some motorcycle “trivia” that may help get your creative juices flowing to assist you in creating some amazing campaigns for any/all Powersports Dealers that you work with.

Motorcycle Trivia

  1. More motorcycle thefts occur in July and August than any other month. California was the top state for thefts in 2020. That means you should spend the money on a locking system to keep that bike locked and safe! The Powersports Dealers you work with may want to include a great “security” product as part of the sale.
  2. Helmet use is required in 22 states in the U.S. I know it is nice to feel the breeze in your hair, but helmets reduce the risk of head injury in an accident by 69% and that is a big number to consider!
  3. The first motorcycle was invented in Germany and was called the Daimler Reitwagen.
  4. This one surprised me – did not think the number was this high. What is the approximate ratio of motorcycles to cars worldwide? It is 1 motorcycle for every 2 cars!
  5. The Dodge Tomahawk is considered the fastest motorcycle in the world. It uses a 10-cylinder, 90-degree v-type engine and can reach up to 350 mph.
  6. The world’s most expensive motorcycle costs $360,000! It is called the Feline One, created by Feline Motorcycles. Some of the materials used to create it are titanium, carbon, and aerospace aluminum.
  7. Horses were used as a method of transportation for messengers during World War 1 but were soon overtaken by the use of motorcycles.

Listed below are just a few of the motorcycle brands that offer co-op funding. For complete details on these brands and to see the additional motorcycle brands offering co-op you will want to access the Co-Op Connect Platform.

Brand – Products/Services – High-Level Guidelines

Honda Motor Co. – Motorcycles/ATV – Motorcycles, ATV’s, PWC, MUV & Scooters
Dealers earn from $20 to $70 per unit purchased the prior year as their accrual fund depending on their dealer level (there are 5 levels). Reimbursement is between 50% – 70% based on dealer level.

Kawasaki – Motorsports – Motorcycles, ATV’s, Jet Ski Watercraft
Dealers earn 1% of their prior year purchases as their accrual fund. Kawasaki created ads are reimbursed at 60%; Dealer created ads are reimbursed at 50% for traditional/digital advertising.

Suzuki Motorsports – Motorcycles, Quad Runner ATV’s, Scooters
The accrual fund earned is 1.5% of net monthly purchases for 2023 models. Reimbursement is 60% for traditional/digital advertising. Suzuki parts and accessories reimburse at 70%.


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