The Localogy Co>Op Connect database contains the program guidelines for thousands of name-brand products. The database also contains daily promotions so that you can tie your local advertisers into the national ad campaigns for the brands they sell (and utilize co-op funding while doing so). There is an Accrual Request Form so that you can inquire, on behalf of your advertiser, about their current co-op accrual balances for the various brands they carry. As well as verticals to Target by Month (seasonal products), a Knowledge Base, and much more.

We understand that even though the database is a “one-stop shop”, you may need a little “push” to get your sales team fully immersed in the co-op process. Can you sell without using co-op funds? You can, BUT you can sell more when utilizing co-op funds. You can sell larger ads, longer campaigns, and additional broadcast spots all while sticking to your advertiser’s original budget. So, you would make more money on increased advertising, and get paid the full amount. Your advertiser would receive co-op funding once the advertising goes live which would “restore” them back to their original advertising budget…a Win, Win for both parties!

Let the Co-op Connect Team help you with a little “push” with our Special Offer. You get:

  1. One login to the Co>Op Connect Database.
  2. 3 Audits per month. You supply us with either three current customers (advertisers), or three new prospects and we will supply you with a spreadsheet showing the brands that these customers carry and those brands, which offer co-op advertising programs.
  3. Then, select one of those three advertisers and we will research the accrual balances for up to six brands that they carry.
  4. For that one advertiser, we would also be glad to put together a print or digital display ad, if needed, featuring one of the brands with available co-op funding.
  5. We would then reach out to the brand/manufacturer/distributor for ad approval.

This will then give you what you need to put together a great campaign for your advertiser, utilizing the funding.

Then you can follow “our” lead and use the Accrual Request Form in the database to obtain accrual balances for the other two companies on the Monthly Audit List. You will have everything you need from customer number one to see how it all works.

We are confident you will get great results and will see how adding the extra steps involved in utilizing co-op funds are very beneficial to your bottom line. This is a great time of year to start utilizing co-op as retailers/dealers/distributors that have been purchasing brand name products all year long have earned a lot of money in accrual funds. If they do not use those funds by year-end, they will lose them – don’t let that happen! Just recently we uncovered over $16k for Kawasaki, $60k for Subaru, $8k for Thermo-Tru Windows, and more!

To make this Special Offer even sweeter, new subscribers will get their first month FREE! You can receive the database, along with all the above Concierge services for $250 per month (with a one-year agreement).

Don’t let your customers waste their co-op funds! To find out more about this special offer, or to receive a demo of the Co>Op Connect database contact us at [email protected] or call 877-990-2667.

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