Summertime…when the living is easy! Well, so far this summer it hasn’t exactly been that way. Parts of the country have been suffering from the blazing heat, while others are getting more than a bit soggy and flooded. For the parts of the country that are extremely wet, it is also very humid. No matter where you are located your Air Conditioning unit maybe your “best friend” right now.

Below are a few things to remember about keeping your unit tip top and when it’s time to replace:

  1. If the cost of the repair multiplied by the age of the equipment is more than $5,000, then it’s a good time to replace it. Folks agonize over when to “call it a day” and go with a new unit – this is a good rule of thumb.
  2. Poor air conditioner airflow, dirty air filters and coils, and lack of refrigerant (freon), are all common causes of frozen evaporator coils. Blocked condenser – another very common problem during the summer occurs when your condenser gets blocked by plants or debris. This common problem happened to me last year when I never stopped to realize the ground crew at my condo complex was blowing the trimmed grass around and it was going right into my unit!

For any Media Publishers working with Air Conditioning Installers, this is THE best time to amp up the advertising. Whether they need to come out to a customer’s house to refill freon, or look into a total unit replacement, getting their name out there at this time is a must! They can advertise tips as to how folks can keep their unit clean and recommend annual “check-ups” (which is also a great idea for furnaces).

Most installers purchase the Air Conditioning units from distributors and you may wonder why. Most installers work out of small shops and from their homes as it really reduces their overhead. That means they don’t have a huge warehouse to store the units. A lot of big manufacturers do not want to sell only 3, 5, or 10 units to a business, they are looking for customers that buy large volumes. By purchasing from a distributor an installer can purchase three Lennox units, three Bryant units, three American Standard units, etc. This gives them the variety that keeps their customers happy without them having a big financial outlay or a storage problem. However, the distributors offer these installers co-op because within the summer months they may easily purchase 100 units from them although they may be different brands. The distributor provides them with funding so that they can advertise any, or all the brands they purchase through them.

Here is just a partial list of Air Conditioning brands that offer co-op funding to their distributors/installers:

  1. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
  2. Bryant
  3. Carrier
  4. Empire Comfort Systems
  5. Goodman Manufacturing
  6. Mitsubishi – Electric HVAC
  7. The Trane Company

The Localogy Co>Op Connect database contains all the guidelines for many HVAC brands along with hundreds of other verticals and thousands of brands. For a database demo, or for more information call 866-323-5504 or email Alanda Hunt at [email protected].

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