The Localogy Co>Op Connect team can help you achieve amazing success in utilizing Co-op funding for your advertisers. One of our services is Accrual Balance Research. The first step in assisting your advertiser is helping them find out how much money they have available to spend. After locating the money (and you might find money for several brands), you want to come up with a campaign(s) for them to review that utilizes that money. Once they have had a chance to review the campaign(s) you want to get it approved by the brand to be sure it is compliant with their Co-op guidelines. Not only does the Co>Op Connect team assist with accrual research but we also assist with ad approval. Below are just a few of the recent successes we have had with our Concierge customers relative to obtaining available co-op money.

  • We found $3,497 in Ford Quick Lane Service co-op funds. The advertiser wanted to participate in the newspaper’s Fire Prevention and Breast Cancer Awareness pages and was able to do both with the additional funding. We obtained prior approval to ensure the ads met the manufacturer’s co-op requirements.
  • We found over $3,300 in Oticon co-op funds. The advertiser ran over $2,112 in Oticon hearing aid advertising with more ads scheduled for future dates.
  • We located $3,226 in Husqvarna co-op funds. The advertiser was able to run a series of print ads before their co-op funds expired for the year.
  • We located over $2,911 in Whirlpool co-op funds. The advertiser ran a series of digital ads for one month netting them over 100,000 impressions.
  • We were able to assist a Golden Technologies Lift Chair and Scooter retailer with co-op funding finding them $4,883. They ran a Mother’s Day ad and had enough funding left to run an upcoming Father’s Day promotion!
  • One of our Concierge customers works with a Kubota dealer that consistently earns between $4000-5000 per month in co-op funding. A good reminder that “big ticket” items really make the co-op funding add up quickly.

Don’t forget that co-op money is in “one bucket” and can be used for anything from print advertising to Social Media advertising to Broadcast, Trade Shows, and Promotional items. So, if you are a Media Publisher or an Ad Agency offering your customers different media options, co-op really makes the advertising dollars stretch. You can promote one brand on Facebook, and another brand via Radio, and yet a third brand via Newspaper.

We would love to help you succeed as well! To find out more information and pricing on the Concierge services please contact Alanda Hunt at [email protected].

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