June 20th is Father’s Day! This is the perfect time to start advertising all potential treats, gifts, and big-ticket items for “dear old Dad”. You can utilize the funding for everything from newspaper, radio, magazine, and direct mail ads; to social media and online display banners, with everything in between.

Although cutting the lawn may not be one of Dad’s favorite activities, every guy wants the latest lawn and garden equipment to make their life, and job, easier. After all the yard work it would be great to have a top-of-the-line barbeque grill and some great patio furniture to enjoy a nice dinner for a job well done. Wouldn’t it be even better if the kids cooked the meal, so Dad didn’t have to sweat over the grill? Perhaps Dad likes fishing, hunting, golfing, or other outdoor sports activities – there are a lot of co-op programs that cover the brands under these categories. Or, if Dad has been a true rock star this past year perhaps this is the year that he gets the pool or boat he has been dreaming about.

Listed below are just a few of the brands that offer co-op funding for some of the items listed above. If any of your advertisers carry these brands do NOT forget to bring co-op into the conversation. It may allow your advertiser to create larger ads or longer spots, or plain out advertise more!


  • Big Green Egg
  • Empire Comfort – Broilmaster Premium Gas Grills
  • Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC
  • Weber Grills

Boats/Water Sports

  • BRP – Sea Doo
  • Grady-White Boats
  • Hewescraft

Pools/Hot Tubs

  • Doughboy Recreational
  • Hayward Products
  • Radiant Pools
  • Hot Spring Portable Spas

Sporting Goods

  • Easton Sports, Inc. – Easton Baseball
  • TaylorMade – Adidas Golf
  • The Golf Works
  • Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

There are thousands of brands in the Co>Op Connect database that you can use to assist your advertisers. As a database subscriber, you will see the possibilities quickly. Help your advertiser utilize the funding available to them and gain a long-term customer as their “trusted advisor”. To find out more about the Localogy Co>Op Connect Concierge Service call us at 866-583-5397 or email [email protected].

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