The Co-Op Connect Platform contains various resources and information related to co-op advertising programs offered by brands to their reseller network. Here’s a breakdown of what you can find on the platform:

Co-op Guidelines

The platform provides detailed information about co-op plan guidelines, including essential data that resellers need to understand and utilize. These guidelines typically consist of a large document, but the platform focuses on capturing the basics. This includes information such as:

Accrual Percentage: This indicates how much a reseller can earn in co-op funding. It is often based on factors like prior-year purchases or current-year purchases. Some programs may require a minimum threshold for participation.

Participation Percentage: This specifies the amount a reseller will receive in co-op funds once their advertising campaign goes “live” and the claim is sent for processing. Reimbursement percentages can vary based on factors like the number of brands promoted in the advertising.

Guidelines by Media Type: Details are provided for various media types, both traditional and digital. This includes information on whether competitors are allowed in the ad, logo size requirements in print or digital ads, brand name mentions in radio or TV spots, and other specific requirements.

The Knowledge Base

This section is helpful for individuals who are new to co-op advertising or need a refresher. It offers:

  • An explanation of all the fields in the platform.
  • Tips on how to discuss co-op funding during sales calls and other sales-related guidance.
  • The Authorization Letter & Request Form, along with an explanation of its purpose and usage in sales.

The Blog

The platform’s blog features articles that are updated regularly, typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Tuesday articles focus on national promotions currently being run, while the Thursday articles cover a variety of topics. These articles can include ideas on utilizing co-op funding for holiday sales, discussions on brands that offer co-op for specific products or industries, and more. They aim to inspire creative ways to advertise and receive co-op funding for your clients.
Obtaining Artwork
The platform does not contain artwork for advertising campaigns because the artwork is subject to frequent changes. Instead, it provides links to brand portals where you can access the Manufacturers Ad Planner, which contains the latest artwork, scripts, and other materials needed for advertising. This ensures that your ads remain compliant with the brand’s current offerings.

Daily Promotions

Subscribers to the platform are eligible to receive daily promotions. These promotions highlight national campaigns run by various brands, many of which are featured on the platform. These campaigns can relate to seasonal or non-seasonal events and offer resellers ideas for tapping into national campaigns when creating local advertising. Click here to sign up for daily e-leads.


Co-op Connect is a full-service customized co-op advertising solutions provider.

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