There are two types of Co-op Programs in the Localogy Co-Op Connect Platform. The first type of program is what we refer to as an “A” program. What that means is that the brand has supplied us with its complete guidelines. This gives us the ability to add reimbursement percentages, accrual rates, and detailed compliance rules for each media type. Some of our users refer to them as the “complete programs” as they like to search to find the 50, or 100% reimbursement programs which can be done with an “A” program.

But…please do not discount the “B” programs! The “B” program is what we refer to as a Partial Program. What is a Partial Program? It means that these brands DO offer co-op funding. However, they have not shared their complete guidelines. What we do have in the database is the contact information and sometimes portal information; the amount of data we have varies by brand. There are different reasons that they choose not to share the complete guidelines. Some brands state that the guidelines are proprietary between them and their reseller channel. Other brands offer different accrual and reimbursement percentages based on your dealer level and choose not to make that obvious to all resellers. The important thing to take away from these programs is that Co-op IS available, and they are letting us know that by allowing us to post “some” of the data on our platform. You should discuss the opportunities with your advertisers (their resellers), as there is a TON of available co-op funding with these brands.

Let’s look at a few “Partial Program” brands:

Brand Name Product/Service High-Level Guidelines

  • General Electric Appliances – Home Appliances
    Co-op funding is offered for the Café, GE Profile, Haier, Hotpoint, and Monogram brands. They share the complete guidelines with their resellers.
  • Honda Motor Co. – New Cars
    This pertains to both the Honda and Acura brands. The manufacturer offers a Compliance Program. You may contact their program administrator (Ansira – 888-414-3573) when working with your dealer client.
  • Ply Gem Windows – Windows & Patio Doors
    Co-op funding is offered for both the Ply Gem and Great Lakes Window brands. They share the complete guidelines with their resellers.
  • Harley-Davidson – Motorcycles
    Co-op funding is available, but the dealer must contact the manufacturer or their Harley-Davidson sales representative directly for details.
  • Harvest by Meridian – Augers, Conveyors
    Mfr. does offer co-op funding but will not share complete guidelines with third parties. Contact the manufacturer when you are with your client (dealer) to obtain information.

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