When most people think of co-op advertising funds they think of New Automobiles. It is no secret that co-op funding for General Motors (think Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, etc.), Ford, Stellantis (Dodge, RAM Trucks, Fiat, etc.), KIA, Hyundai, and many other automotive brands gets the most attention (and the most co-op funds earned and spent)! Automotive Parts & Services has numerous opportunities for co-op, yet it’s the New Cars that get all the “shine” (pun intended!). Let’s look at some of the other categories that offer co-op funding. I am sure you will find at least a few of your advertisers carry products in these areas.

  • Motorcycles, ATV’s
  • Jewelry
  • Boats and Personal Watercraft
  • Medical Supplies
  • Windows & Doors Carpet, Tile, Hardwood Flooring
  • Tires
  • Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
  • Firearms and Hunting Supplies
  • Power Tools
  • Tractors, Tillers, Harvesters
  • Mattresses

As you can see by the short list above, the categories are very diverse and so are the brands that offer co-op funding to their reseller network. Let’s look at just a few of the brands that are in Localogy’s Co>Op Connect database that appear under a couple of these categories:

  • Andersen Corporation  – Windows and Doors
    Traditional media qualifies for 50% reimbursement, Digital media qualifies for 100%. 30% of the advertiser’s co-op fund must be spent on digital initiatives each year.
  • Tacori – Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands
    Resellers earn anywhere from 3-10% in accrual funds based on your dealer level (silver, gold, diamond, and platinum levels) and qualify for 50% reimbursement.
  • Michelin Tire – Tires
    Advertisers are eligible for anywhere from 25 – 125% reimbursement. The 125% is for promoting the brand-new tire lines each year.
  • Bobcat Company – Compact excavators, skid-steers, utility vehicles
    Traditional media is eligible for 50% reimbursement. The Brandbuilder digital package is eligible for 75%.
  • Simmons/Beautyrest – Mattresses
    The Simmons Sales Rep. will work with each reseller to determine their accrual amount. Each reseller is eligible for 50% reimbursement on advertising.

These are just a few of the brands available in the database. There are thousands of brands in the Co>Op Connect database covering hundreds of different categories/verticals.

To find out more about the categories/verticals that offer co-op funding to their reseller channel (your customers!), contact Alanda Hunt for a demo of the Localogy Co>Op Connect database. She can be reached at 866-323-5504 or email Alanda at [email protected].

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