If you are like me, you cannot wait until 2020 is in the rear-view mirror.  The vaccines are starting to roll out in the United States and Canada, so hopefully, we will be hearing more good news, than bad news soon!

As we move right into a New Year, there are things that need to be maintained, but also things to celebrate and plan!  January is a great time to start thinking about and advertising for the following:

  1. New Year’s Resolutions, which also rolls right into Fitness. Healthy eating and exercise equipment, like Nautilus machines.  Another thing to keep in mind is bicycles.  With everything that has happened a lot of manufacturing has stopped or slowed significantly.  If your advertiser is a bike store, they may want their future cyclers to come in now and order, so their product arrives when they want it in the spring.
  2. Don’t Drink and Drive. If you are in a state where restaurants are open, you may want to work with that local restaurant advertiser on lining up transportation for their customers.  If you can advertise that the restaurant is working with either a cab company, Uber or Lyft to get customers a quick ride home, that would be a great customer service add-in!
  3. Cold Weather Comfort Guide. This is also a great time for HVAC advertising.  Not only do furnaces break on what seems like the coldest day possible, but the air also seems much drier.  This is a great time to promote home humidifiers and furnace checks.
  4. Winter Car Care. Another great opportunity to help your auto repair and tire stores.  No one wants to break down and get stuck when its 5 degrees.  Snow tires, oil changes, and windshield wiper fluid are all essential items in some states come January!
  5. Martin Luther King Day. A lot of retail stores offer sales in his honor.  In the past year’s it seems to be a great time for all the Appliance brands to offer great pricing on kitchen suites and washer/dryer combos.
  6. Bridal and Baby. There were thousands of weddings canceled and there will be lots of new babies arriving due to the pandemic.  Hopefully, all your advertisers in the catering, venue, dresses, tuxedos, photographers, and other party planning fields are booked beyond their wildest dreams.  You can help them advertise new food offerings or other specials to make sure they are booked throughout the spring and summer.
  7. Glaucoma Awareness Month. January is the month to be sure you have no pressure built up on your eyes and get your normal eye screening.  There are tons of eyewear brands that offer co-op funding to their eye doctors/retailers.

The above list is just a few of the categories that come to mind for January.  The Localogy Co>Op Connect database shows the guidelines and promotion ideas for thousands of brands that can help you with your advertisers.  Contact us at [email protected] for a 15-minute demo!

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