Today is September 1st – still technically summer. Yet, it seems like everyone is rushing to push pumpkin spice flavored “everything” on us, or the new thing – lavender hot chocolate! Although it seems like everyone is speeding to get those beautiful fall days (and temperatures), you all know what comes next…those tiny little white flakes that pile up like nobody’s business!! If you are lucky enough to live in a state where snow is not an issue, then you can laugh at this article as you have zero need for a snowblower, shovel or any winter “implements”. But if you are in the “line of SNOW” then this article is for you. Many brands are just now starting to come out with their special promotions to ensure you get your snow-related products in time. If you have any advertisers selling snow removal products now is a great time to help them with their advertising and utilize co-op funds while doing it!

Let’s look at one of those promos below:

Save Big with Instant Rebates from Sno-Way!
Let your Sno-Way dealers know about this special offer. Save up to $600 in instant rebates on select new Series 2 Sno-Way plows and receive a Free Smart Sight Kit with all Series 2 Sno-Way plow purchases. Visit your local Sno-Way dealer for complete offer details. Offer expires September 30, 2022.

See…the above offer is good in the month of September before a single flake hits the ground (hopefully!). This is the time to promote all snow removal equipment and even attire. Soon enough it will be time to put away those Hawaiian shirts and dress the part of the abominable snowman!!

Listed below are a few of the brands (and there are many), that offer co-op funding in the Snow Removal equipment/apparel world. I didn’t want you to think snow was all work and no play, so I included some “fun” snow related brands. Help the advertisers you work with get noticed through as many advertising mediums as possible!

Brand Name – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

  • Briggs & Stratton-  Walk Behind Snow Throwers
    Dealers earn between 1 and 2% as their accrual fund based on their dealer level and prior model year purchases. Based on dealer level – reimbursement is either 50% or 75% for traditional/digital advertising.
  • MTD – Cub Cadet – Snow Throwers
    Mfr. does offer co-op funding and dealers can find the complete guidelines on their proprietary website (
  • Toro Company – Snow Products – Gas/Electric Snow Throwers
    Dealers obtain their co-op accrual funding through their distributors. Accrual funds are earned on current year purchases. Contact the dealer’s local distributor for complete guidelines and assistance.
  • BRP – Ski-Doo – Snowmobiles
    Accrual funds earned are based on both your previous year’s purchases and your dealer level. New dealers receive $2000.00. Reimbursement is 70% if using BRP pre-made ads and 50% if using dealer-created ads.
  • Polaris Industries – Snowmobiles – Snowmobiles
    Accrual fund is earned on pre-season snow order prior year – $90 per unit purchased. Mfr. reimburses 50% for print/digital advertising.
  • The North Face – Winter Apparel Mfr. does offer co-op funding to Authorized Retailers. Contact Mfr. for complete guidelines.


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