The Co>opConnect team can be your “Additional” staff.

Think about the amount of advertising you can help your local businesses with utilizing co-op. Helping them advertise with their co-op funds helps them sell more products by reaching more customers. The more they sell, the more they purchase from the manufacturer, the more co-op funds they earn, the more they advertise with you. WIN – WIN – WIN!

Localogy Co>Op Connect Accrual Research

Over the 2nd Quarter, the Localogy Co>Op Connect team located $404,351.00 in available co-op advertising funds. That’s an average of $3,017.54 per accrual request. Our Concierge subscribers utilize the Database to source leads to their sales teams. The sales team presents co-op to their advertisers, gets the authorization forms filled out, submit the forms to the “Team” and then we research the accrual balance. We can save your staff time by doing the legwork of contacting the manufacturer.

Localogy Co>Op Connect Claims Processing

We processed $606,221.00 in co-op Claims for Q2. Just think if they were 50% participation brands, that would be over $1.2 million dollars in ads placed with the co-op reimbursement of $606,221.00.

Other Services

In addition to doing Accrual Research and Claims Processing, the Co>Op Connect Team also obtains ad pre-approvals and conducts Co-op Audits. An Audit will let you know which brands being sold by your customer/advertiser offers co-op funding. If you are short-staffed in the ad creation area, we also assist with the creation of print and digital ads. For more information on the Concierge Services please contact Alanda Hunt at [email protected].

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