Here is the tenth story that the Localogy Co>Op Connect team has put together. Each week the topics will vary – this week it is covering Vitamins, Sports Equipment, Beauty brands, and more. They are meant to be a bit of a stress reliever or make you smile, while still calling out brands that offer co-op funding to their reseller network. Anything highlighted in bold below is a brand that offers co-op funding. You never know, one may stick in your head and help you make a fantastic sale!


2020 was one for the books! We certainly got to know our immediate family better (whether we wanted to or not!), and we have all pretty much repainted (thank you Sherwin Williams), recarpeted (thank you Mohawk) and refurnished (shout out to Ashley Furniture) our living spaces. We may have created offices (Allsteel furniture was perfect), where one didn’t exist before, or we all just remodeled out of the boredom of being stuck at home. But now that all of this is done, it’s time to concentrate on you and your well-being. We all hear about folks gaining their “Quarantine 15”; in reality, some folks gained more, while others lost weight due to stress. It doesn’t matter which side you are on…it’s time to give yourself some love.

The one thing we all should be doing is taking Pharmavite Nature Made vitamins. An extra bit of Vitamins C and D, along with some zinc will help us all. If you live in a warm-weather state and are lucky enough to own a Doughboy pool, get some laps going every morning. If you are in a cold-weather state, you can get out and ski or do a little ice fishing with your Shimano fishing equipment. They do say that if you can tolerate it you burn more calories if you are out shivering in the cold! Otherwise, you might want to think about creating your own home gym in your garage or basement and purchasing some Nautilus, Inc. gym equipment.

They also say that both stress and cold weather is not very kind to your skin or your hair – time to show them some love too. Crabtree and Evelyn make fabulous smelling and very hydrating lotions and creams. I am sure you can find the correct formulas for your face and body. John Paul Mitchell Hair Care makes products for every single hair type. You can turn your frizzy mop into a luxurious mane in no time. But, if you got a little over-ambitious with the scissors during the lockdown, no worries, Hair-U-Wear may be just the answer. You can throw in a few extensions and it will be our little secret!

Here’s to having a Healthy and Happy New Year!

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