Have you had the opportunity to discuss co-op funding with your existing advertisers? You may be surprised to find that some customers are well-versed and use their co-op dollars while others have no knowledge at all.

Some advertisers that use co-op may only sell a single brand and are up-to-speed on the brand’s co-op guidelines. But, if the advertiser sells multiple products (such as a hardware store, plumbing store, tire center), they may only use co-op for one or two brands. Why would they limit themselves when they may have multiple co-op opportunities?

If someone is selling multiple products, they may think they only have co-op funding for the one or two top brands they sell. When in reality they may have co-op available for most (if not all) of the products they sell. It may also be a case where they sell so many products, they just don’t have time to “manage” all the paperwork/portal logins that each brand may supply, so they just concentrate on the top one or two. This is where you can shine as you can direct them into either increasing their size or length of time of their ad campaigns by utilizing untapped co-op funds from the additional brands they carry. If you are working with any advertiser that is unfamiliar with co-op this is a great time to “teach them” about how it works and all the additional advertising funds that may be available to them.

In the past year, there has understandably been a lot of staff turnover just about everywhere; along with a lot of vacant positions. This is where the Localogy Co>Op Connect team can help you.

Here’s how we can help:

You supply us with a list of your advertisers (customers) and their city/state. We would perform an audit that determines the brands that your customers carry. We then look at each brand to determine which offer co-op funding. We review your customer’s website, along with their Social Media platforms and provide you with a beautiful spreadsheet highlighting all of your customer’s co-op potential that you can take directly on your sales call.

How else can the Co>Op Connect team help?

Do you work with advertisers in only one vertical/category? Perhaps you have looked at subscribing to the Localogy Co>Op Connect database but have stopped short because you work with Window and Door clients only and did not want to be overwhelmed by the thousands of other brands that really don’t pertain to your line of work. Now you can obtain the co-op ad requirements just for specific verticals you need. So, if you just work in the window and door industry, the team will supply you with the necessary ad guidelines for companies like Peachtree Doors & Windows, Andersen Windows, Marvin Windows, Ply Gem, and many others.

To find out more information and pricing on both the audits and vertical-specific program information please contact Alanda Hunt at [email protected].

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