Spring and Fall seem to be the two “big” cleanup times around your home. In the spring you are busy pulling out patio furniture, opening the pool and hot tub, and planting in every available area! Once fall rolls around it is time to clean and put away all that furniture used all summer, close the pool, and depending on where you live, get that lawn cut for the final time of the season. In some parts of the country, you will be raking leaves until December (or at least it feels like it!), while in warmer climates you are cleaning up, and possibly replanting to have everything looking gorgeous for the upcoming holiday season.

This is also the time of year when many agricultural and outdoor tool brands run fantastic promotions. You may not be using your lawn mower until next spring, but you may get an awesome price if you buy it now and store it in your garage or shed.

Let’s take a quick look at a couple of promos currently being run:

Altoz currently has a Think Green (and act fast) promotion going on. They are offering 0% financing for 48 months, 1.99% for 48 months, or 3.99% for 48 months with no payments for 150 days. Plus, a Military/Veteran/EMS Rebate of $250 is also available on select riding mowers.

Let your Spartan Mower dealers know about this special offer. Get $500 off the purchase of a new 2022 RZ-C, RZ, or RZ-Pro mower. Plus get an extended warranty on all new mowers. Offer expires October 31, 2022.

Let your BCS dealers know about this sales event. Save up to 10% on select new BCS tractors and attachments. Offer expires December 31, 2022.

Listed below are a few of the brands (and there are many), that offer co-op funding for Fall “cleanup” products. If you have any hardware, pool and spa, greenhouses and garden center stores this is a great time to advertise the brands they carry, tie into the national brand’s promotion and use co-op funding to do it. Since we are now in the last quarter of 2022 – remember it’s use it or lose it time– don’t let that co-op money go to waste!

Brand Name – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

  • Altoz – Zero Turn Mowers and Accessories
    Dealer’s accrual fund is 2% of prior year purchases. Reimbursement for traditional/digital advertising is 50%. Program runs from 10/1/22 through 9/30/23.
  • BCS America – Tractors, Tillers & Attachments
    Dealer’s accrual fund is 2% of prior year purchases. Reimbursement for traditional/digital advertising is 50%.
  • Intimidator Group – Spartan Mowers – Mowers, UTV’s Program runs from 11/1/21 through 10/31/22 and then accrual earnings start again as of 11/1/22 for the next year.
    Accrual amount earned varies based on Dealer level but all dealers are eligible for 50% reimbursement on traditional/digital advertising.
  • Caldera Spas – Spas
    Accrual funds are earned based on the Model purchased. Earn $75 per Utopia unit ordered, $50 per Paradise model. Funds are earned monthly and must be used in the current calendar year. Reimbursement is between 50-75%.
  • The Outdoor Greatroom Company – Furniture, Fire Pits, and Pergolas
    Accrual fund earned is 2% of current year purchases. Reimbursement is up to 50% for traditional/digital advertising.

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