If you have any HVAC Distributors, Manufacturer Reps, or Installers, you can help them lower their advertising costs with co-op funds. This is a great time to promote Spring Air Conditioning Tune-ups or replacements, filter replacements, or adding a humidifier unit to an existing furnace. By utilizing co-op funds, you can help your advertiser get the “word” out about their services via multiple media channels. They can do a Social Media campaign one week and follow that up with a Direct Mail campaign the next week, etc.

Let’s look at some data on the HVAC industry. Hopefully, this “Data” will give you some ideas on a creative angle for helping your HVAC advertisers with their spring and summer campaigns.


  1. A dirty air filter can disable your HVAC System. Accumulating dirt can clog the filter and reduce performance and efficiency by restricting airflow. This will lead to the unit having to work harder, your monthly bill increasing, and you may end up needing expensive repairs and replacements. The guidelines are: 1—to 2-inch filters should be replaced every 3 months; 3—to 4-inch filters should be replaced every 6 to 9 months; and 5—to 6-inch filters should be replaced every 9 to 12 months.
  2. HVAC Systems help clean indoor air. In addition to heating, cooling, and humidity control, a well-ventilated HVAC system helps keep allergens, mold, and bacteria out of your home. This is huge with the number of people who suffer from seasonal allergies!
  3. Folks think if a room is too cold or hot, they will close the air vent—don’t do that! Shutting a vent only cuts the airflow to the room it serves. The same amount of air is still circulating in the system. Closing vents can put pressure on ductwork and critical HVAC components, which can result in damage. This can result in repair bills that are a good deal more than any energy savings you tried to achieve.

Below are just a few brands that offer co-op funding for HVAC brands:

Brand Name – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning – HVAC Units The program is available to Distributors who must sign a 2024 Distributor Agreement. Accrual funds are earned monthly, at the rate of 2.15% of purchases. The reimbursement rate is 50%.

Goodman Manufacturing – HVAC Products The reimbursement rate is up to 100%. The accrual fund earned is 1 – 6% based on the various products ordered from mfr. Dealers must purchase a minimum of $50,000 to qualify for the program.

The Trane Company – HVAC Units – Residential & Light Commercial
The accrual fund earned varies (from 1 – 4%) based on your Dealer Tier Level (Tiers 2 – 6 qualify). The reimbursement rate is between 50-70% based on Tier Level.


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