The list of “fall chores” continues with getting your outdoor area ready for winter. That includes all your lawn, flower beds, and gardens, along with the maintenance of pools and hot tubs. Even folks that are lucky enough to be able to use their pools/hot tubs year-round still have the chemical treatment and maintenance needs. It is also a good time for folks to purchase Outdoor Power Tools and fertilizers. A lot of brands offer great sales on current models before introducing new product lines. Think about any of your Hardware Stores, Landscape Stores/Centers, Home Improvement Stores, Pool, and Hot Tub Store customers and check-in to see if they carry any of the following brands:

Pools/Hot Tubs
Bullfrog Spas
Hasa, Inc.
Hayward Products
King Technology (Pool Frog)
Meyco Pool Covers
And many more…

Outdoor Power Tools
Ariens Company
Bonide Products Inc.
DeWitt Company
Dixie Chopper
And many more….

The Localogy Co-op Team is bringing these brands to your attention so that your advertisers do not “lose out” on their co-op funds. With the last quarter of the year coming up quickly, it is a great time to check those accrual balances and utilize that co-op funding!

For more information on these plans, and thousands more, email [email protected] for more information.

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