The Co-Op Connect Team is asked on almost every single demo (or phone call) how often the co-op programs are updated. The short answer is the Co-Op Connect platform is updated every day! We begin contacting manufacturers in November and December to obtain program updates for the following year, as many brands begin new program updates in January. However, we have found that some brands do not release updates until their fiscal year, so we get new updates in March or April. Then there are many brands, especially the automotive brands, that can release several updates per year. One update may explain the release of a new logo, while another update may be changing what percentage of co-op funds can be spent on traditional versus digital products. Then, throughout the year, we also receive updates regarding new Program Administrators, new email addresses to use for claims, and so on.

Another thing we get asked about frequently is new programs. So, instead of explaining more, below we have listed five new programs added to our Platform in the last 30 days:

New Program Added – Belmont Trailers
Belmont Trailers is headquartered in Leola, PA and manufactures Utility, Car Hauler, Landscape and other “work type” related trailers. Belmont does not have a formalized Co-op program but does provide co-op support to dealers based on a percentage of the previous year’s sales dollars. You can reach out for more information by looking up the company contact information listed on the platform.

New Program Added – Atlas Roofing Corporation
Atlas Roofing Corporation is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and manufactures Shingles, Underlayment, and Ventilation products. Logos cannot be edited or manipulated in any way, or the claim will be denied. On their website (, you will find a “Marketing Support” section with current images and logos.

New Program Added – Breckwell – Empire Distributing (Dist. Program)
Empire is headquartered in Arcade, NY, and is a distributor of Breckwell Hearth products. The distributor offers an accrual amount of 2% for Breckwell purchases made between January 1 and December 31. Qualifying accounts will be eligible for up to 50% reimbursement. This does not apply to parts, accessories, and freight charges.

New Program Added – Rockford Mutual Insurance
Rockford Mutual Insurance is headquartered in Rockford, IL and offers Home, Business, Farm, and Auto Insurance. The accrual amount earned is based on the Agent’s tier (there are five tiers). The reimbursement rate is 50% unless you create large format print ads which are eligible for 60% reimbursement.

New Program Added – MF Fire – Empire Distributing (Dist. Program)
Empire is headquartered in Arcade, NY, and is a distributor of MF Fire Wood Stoves. The distributor offers an accrual amount of 2% of MF Fire purchases made between January 1 and December 31. The reimbursement rate is 50%. Follow the guidelines shown under the Eligible Media section of the Co-Op Connect Platform.


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