Some of your current advertisers may be reluctant to advertise at this moment. However, what you can do is help give them an advantage once the country is fully up and running again!

Those of you who subscribe to the Co>Op Connect product know that it contains the “Accrual Authorization Form”. Current subscribers should have this form on “Automatic Download” (if only that was possible!) to get out to all of their existing advertisers.

Have your advertisers fill out the forms with the top 6 brands they normally sell this time of year and be sure to have them write down where they buy them (direct from manufacturer or distributor). Let them know you really want them to think “Spring/Summer” – anything that moves out their door in May, June, and July. Have them think along the lines of Pools and Hot Tubs, Pool Chemicals, BBQ Grills, Lawn Equipment, Boats, Motorcycles, Outdoor Furniture and so on.

You can then research the accrual balances for the brands that they provide. You may also come up with some great campaigns to present. When we go back to “business as usual”, you will be literally 6 steps ahead with all of your customers!

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