The quickest answer is to increase your revenue, but it is far more beneficial.

  1. It builds an additional “line of communication” between the manufacturer and reseller channel. A lot of brands have built portals for their resellers to download brochures (for the end customers), learn about new products, etc. But offering a co-op program for the resellers keeps the communication more interactive.
  2. As a brand/manufacturer you probably spend a lot of money on National Ad campaigns. These campaigns are very important as they promote the product features and your company values. Co-op can help spread your national message at the local level. Co-op funding would allow your reseller channel to tie-in to national campaigns with the local newspaper, direct mail, radio, social media campaigns, and more.
  3. A co-op program improves the usage of the standards and brand identity set by the manufacturer. All co-op advertising requires resellers to follow guidelines for logo usage, product pricing, etc.
  4. This is ultimately a huge win for both the reseller channel and the brand/manufacturer. The local reseller advertises more (using available co-op funds) and gets more folks in their door buying these brand products. The reseller then needs to restock and order more of the brand’s products – a WIN/WIN for both parties!

How to Get Started
If you are not sure how to create a Co-op program, contact the Localogy Co>Op Connect Team for assistance. The Team has helped other manufacturers in creating co-op programs for their reseller channels. We would then be glad to add your new program to our database so that your resellers and their agency partners and Media Publishers can start utilizing it. Contact the Team at 866-530-3310.

Help with Program Administration
If you think this is a great idea but are overwhelmed with any additional workload, or just do not have the expertise in running a co-op program, there are companies that specialize in administering programs. Localogy has fantastic member partners such as BrandMuscle, Ansira, and others that specialize in working with brands to administer co-op programs. We would be glad to share contact information to get you started.

You want to sell more products, your reseller wants to sell more of your products – let’s get it started!

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