It’s time to bust out those Christmas cookie recipes and get busy! If that was all you had to worry about regarding your appliances it wouldn’t be so bad. But, not only do you have all those cookies to bake but you probably have at least one large dinner or cocktail party to host (in reality, probably more!). Let us not forget that you may have kids that are home from college or out of school for the holiday and that poor refrigerator door is going to be opened and closed more times than your wallet this time of year! I don’t want to just pick on the fridge, more people home means that the dishwasher is going to get more of a workout as well. Don’t even get me started on all the laundry your college kids bring home – the poor washer and dryer will never be the same!

Luckily this is a great time to purchase new appliances as many brands offer special promotions/rebates. If you are a Media Publisher or Agency and work with any appliance retailers, you should be sure to take advantage of tying into the national promotions they run this time of year. To help your clients advertise more, they should be taking advantage of the co-op dollars they earned all year from these various brands.

Let’s take a quick peek at a current promotion running for Electrolux:


Let your Electrolux retailers know about this savings event. Purchase any qualifying Electrolux appliance and save up to $1,400 via online or mail-in rebate. Visit your local Electrolux retailer for complete offer details. Offer expires January 4, 2022.

Since you may be representing one (or more) Electrolux retailers, I am sure you can see how you can do a local campaign (or two) to tie into this national event. Below are just a few of the brands (including Electrolux) that will provide co-op funding to your advertisers!

  • Electrolux Major Appliances – North America – Appliances
    This program applies to both the Electrolux and Frigidaire brands. They can be advertised together but should be clearly separated from each other and from competitive brands.
  • Whirlpool Corp. – Appliances
    This program covers the Amana, KitchenAid, Maytag and Roper brands. They will reimburse anywhere from 50-100% depending on whether you use the brand’s artwork or create your own, and whether you run traditional media campaigns or digital media campaigns.
  • BSH Home Appliances Corp. – Appliances
    This covers both the Bosch and Thermador brands. Co-op is arranged on an individual basis with your clients (the retailer) District Sales Manager. If your client buys from a distributor, contact that distributor for possible co-op funding.
  • LG Electronics Corp. – Home Theater/Audio; Appliances
    Co-op funding is available, and the retailers (your customer) should have complete guidelines directly from LG.

These are just a few of the appliance brands available in the database. There are thousands of brands in the Co>Op Connect database covering hundreds of different categories/verticals.

To find out more about these co-op programs contact Alanda Hunt for a demo of the Localogy Co>Op Connect database. She can be reached at 866-323-5504 or email Alanda at [email protected].

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