There is still more than enough time to help your advertisers use their co-op funds if they sell snow removal equipment. I know it is already February 29th (Happy Leap Year!), but throughout much of the country, that still means another month and a half of snow is probable. This may be a great time to promote “end of the season” sales on last year’s equipment and take orders for next year’s models.

Below are a few brands offering co-op funding for snow removal equipment. Hopefully, you have clients selling some of these brands and can utilize their available co-op funds:

Brand Name Product/Service High-Level Guidelines

Husqvarna Forest & Garden Company – Snow Throwers, Zero Turn Mowers, Blowers, etc.
Bronze and Silver dealers earn 1% of prior year purchases and Gold, Platinum and Crown earn 2% of prior year purchases as their accrual fund. Bronze and Silver dealers receive 50% reimbursement and Gold, Platinum and Crown receive 75% reimbursement on Traditional and Digital advertising.

MTD Products (Cub Cadet only) – Snow Throwers, UTV’s, Trimmers and other Outdoor Equipment
Advertising must be run between 10/1/23 and 9/30/24. Reimbursement is 60% for dealer produced ads and 70% for Preferred Programs for both Traditional and Digital advertising. For accrual balance your advertiser can go to

Boss Products – A Division of The Toro Company – Snowrator & SR Mag, Attachments STX48 & BRX48
Reimbursement is 60% for Traditional and Digital advertising. The accrual fund earned is based on prior year purchases. Distributors with purchases less than $200k earn .60%; Distributors from $200k to 1 million earn .70%; Distributors with orders over $1 million earn .75%.


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