Subscribers of the Co-op Connect platform can receive ten weekly promotions, but what are they?

The various brands offer National campaigns to move their products. These campaigns can be tied in at the local level.

You will see everything from new product announcements for gas BBQ grills to new styles of Garage Doors. You will also see special financing/payment offers for customers purchasing their products. One day you may see, buy 3 tires get one free, and the next day an Auto Brand may offer no payments on new car purchases for 120 days.

You can use these promotions as a selling tool. Telling dealers/retailers about brand promotions that have the potential to bring more business in their door may convince them to expand their advertising campaign. They could also be the selling point that brings a new advertiser on board.

To learn more about these promotions, and the Co-op Connect platform, contact us at [email protected]. Or call 866-323-5504 to schedule a 20-minute demo.

Here is just one of the promotions for this week:

Colorful Spring Rebates from Valspar!

Let your Valspar retailers know about this rebate offer. Get up to $60 back on your favorite Valspar brand paint. $12 per gallon container of Valspar Accolade, $10 per gallon container of Valspar Medallion Plus and $7 per gallon container of Valspar Premium Edge. Visit your local Valspar retailer for complete offer details. Offer valid April 14, 2023 – April 23, 2023.

Use the Sherwin Williams – Valspar Corporation co-op program to share the cost of local retailers’ advertising. The retailers may receive reimbursement for qualifying co-op ads. Prior approval is required for all co-op advertising.

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