Unless you farm for a living you probably don’t realize that certain crops are best to plant in fall and winter months. In the Midwest right now, you can get a lot of sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some types of melons which were all planted in the spring. But if you are a fan of Beets, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Green Onion, Leafy Lettuces and Kale we are getting right around the time for planting. For instance, you want to plant Brussel Sprouts 6 to 10 weeks before the first expected frost. They are a very slow growing vegetable that take anywhere from 26 to 31 weeks to reach maturity. So, if you plant in mid-September, they may be ready to pick by the end of March. Fall is also a good time to plant green onions. These mature in 20-30 days so you can pick them before the first frost ever comes around – quite the opposite of Brussel Sprouts!

If you have advertisers that sell agricultural products, like tractors, tillers, hay balers, and more, you want to help them create a campaign that really calls out the brands they carry. I know there are brands like John Deere that have independently owned stores, yet corporate assists with a co-op program to help them reach more advertisers. Kubota is another well-known company that has a dealer network of over 1,100 stores and sells its products at nurseries, garden centers, farming stores with many other brands. They too offer co-op to their dealer network to get their brand name in the store’s local advertising.

Listed below are just a few of the brands in the agriculture vertical that offer co-op funding to their reseller channel.

Brand – Program Notes

  • Case Agriculture/CNH  – You earn 1% of prior year purchases as your accrual fund and will receive up to 50% reimbursement.
  • Firestone Agricultural Tire Division – You earn 1.5% of purchases as your co-op accrual fund and will be reimbursed between 80 – 100% dependent on whether you create your own advertising or use Firestone-created ads.
  • Global Industries – You earn ½% of purchases from the prior year as your accrual fund and will be reimbursed up to 50% of eligible expenses. This also applies to their Hutchinson Grain Pumps and Mayrath Swing Away brands.
  • John Deere Ag & Turf – You earn funding based on your previous year’s sales and are eligible for 50% reimbursement.
  • Kubota Tractor Corporation – Each dealer gets funds established based on a percentage of the dealership’s current business and projected sales. Reimbursement for Tractors, Implements, Parts, Excavators, and Wheel Loaders is at 50%.
  • Kuhn North America – You earn 1% of prior year purchases as your accrual fund and will receive up to 50% reimbursement. This also applies to their Knight and Krause brands.
  • New Holland Agriculture – Reimbursement earned is based on prior year purchases. Digital advertising is eligible for 75% reimbursement while traditional advertising is eligible for 50%.
  • Sioux Steel – You earn 1% of current year purchases as your accrual fund and will receive up to 50% reimbursement. This also applies to their HiQual and Koyker brands.

The Localogy Co>Op Connect database contains all the information for thousands of brands in hundreds of different verticals. You will find all the brands that offer co-op funding for all types of agricultural products. For a database demo, or for more information call 866-323-5504 or email Alanda Hunt at [email protected].

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