Here is the ninth story that the Localogy Co>Op Connect team has put together. Each week the topics will vary – this week it is covering Toys, Mattresses, Medical, HVAC brands, and more. They are meant to be a bit of a stress reliever or make you smile, while still calling out brands that offer co-op funding to their reseller network. Anything highlighted below is a brand that offers co-op funding.  You never know, one may stick in your head and help you make a fantastic sale!

The Pandemic Baby Boom!

Just think, next April through July there will be an incredibly large number of new babies being born. You can blame it on no new TV shows being made, nowhere to go and a LOT of time locked up – but it all boils down to life during a pandemic.

If this is your first little bundle of joy, here is just the start of the many things you will need to purchase for a happy and healthy baby. First, you will need to pick out a crib, and don’t forget the Serta baby mattress. Is there enough humidity in the baby’s new room? You may need to install a Skuttle Manufacturing humidifier to your furnace. Don’t forget a baby-sized thermometer, along with other baby medical items from Lake Court Medical Supplies.

Now to some fun items…the tiny little Carter’s – Oshkosh B’Gosh clothes are so adorable and not expensive. What color is the nursery? Ganz makes ivory stuffed lambs, grey elephants, pink bunnies, and blue monkeys to help decorate the room. You can also select a beautiful mobile from Manhattan Toy Company to hang over the crib to entertain the baby. Don’t forget the food! You can start stocking up on Gerber baby cereal and jars of food.

Pictures? Memories? Mom and Dad…don’t forget to pick up a Kodak camera. Sure, you have the camera on your phone, but can you really have enough pictures of your little prince or princess?

Parents, you also need to take care of yourself while you can. Once your little one arrives you will not sleep again for at least 18 years! Pick up a Flex-A-Bed mattress and frame and get some good rest now while you can!

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