With more people than ever working from home, and all the students out there spending additional hours on their computers, there has never been a better time to take care of your eyes. There is a lot of talk about possible damage due to blue light from computer screens. There are new lenses that help to combat overexposure. Plus, there are plenty of folks that take advantage of Health Care Flexible Spending Programs and new eyewear would be a great use for that money before it expires at year-end.

If any of your advertisers sell the following brands, this may be just the right time to promote them along with utilizing Health Care Flex Spend and receive co-op funding for doing so:

  • Liberty Eyewear
  • Charmant Eyewear
  • Aspex Eyewear
  • Clearvision Eyewear
  • De Rigo/REM Eyewear
  • Eastern States Eyewear
  • Eyebobs
  • Lafont Eyewear

All the above brands reimburse a minimum of 50% (some up to 100%) for co-op compliant advertising. This list is but a few of the many eyewear brands that offer co-op to their opticians/optical stores. This would allow your advertisers to run longer campaigns or purchase larger size ads with the same budget they currently spend. Featuring these brands will also help the customers in their own “backyard” by bringing to their attention an item they may need at the time they need it!

The Localogy Co>Op Connect team is ready to assist you with your specific customers in locating such brands. To find out more about specific brands, the Co>Op Connect database, or to receive a 15-minute in-person demo, contact [email protected] or call 866-323-5504.

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