The Localogy Co>Op Connect database can help you to help your advertisers if you assist them in creating ad campaigns with any of the following media:

  1. Broadcast TV, OTT, Cable TV
  2. Broadcast and Streaming Radio (Pandora, iHeart, etc.)
  3. Outdoor – Billboards, Transit, Stadium and Building Signage
  4. Print – Newspaper, Direct Mail, Magazines, Yellow Pages, etc.
  5. Digital – SEM, Online Banners, Social Media, Websites, Mobile, etc.
  6. Trade Shows/Local Events (Home Shows, Fairs, Festivals)
  7. Promotional Items (shirts, ballcaps, pens, notebooks and more)

How does this help your customers? If your advertisers (customers) are selling brand name products there is a very good chance that they are earning co-op funds either directly from the brand manufacturer or from the local distributor that they use for purchasing many of their different brand name products. In either case, they can utilize the co-op funds they earn through these purchases for advertising. They can buy more frequent radio spots, or larger print ads, or even add a Social Media campaign they may not have done in the past. Most of the brands offer a 50% reimbursement rate with many offering up to 100%. So, your advertiser can do twice the advertising with their existing budget!

What does that mean for you? It means a happy customer that sees your loyalty to them by bringing this to their attention and should mean a retained customer for you. It should also mean more revenue for you as they are now buying and paying for twice the advertising. Once advertising goes live you need to get your customer the paperwork needed for them to collect their reimbursement. They submit that to the manufacturer, or their distributor, to receive their reimbursement. Or, you can submit the claim paperwork on their behalf so they simply receive a “hassle free” reimbursement. That then means they are back to the original budget – that is a WIN/WIN for both parties!

The Localogy Co>Op Connect database contains all the guidelines to ensure the advertising you create for your customer is compliant with what the brand requires to ensure reimbursement. There are so many different verticals in the database that offer co-op funding that you will reference this product over and over again for all of your customers.

For a database demo, or for more information call 866-323-5504 or email Alanda Hunt at [email protected].

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