1. Do you want to sell more of your products/services?
  2. Do you want to attract more resellers of “said” products/services?
  3. Is your current reseller network selling as much as you would like?

Now let me ask this question….

  1. What do you do to entice your reseller network to promote your products/services in their store each, and every day?

Now, if your reseller sells only one or two other products in addition to your product, then your product may receive good visibility. However, if one or two other products are similar to your product, wouldn’t it be great for your reseller to highlight your product more? Or, what if your product is one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of products sold by your reseller network? Just think of all the products sold in a hardware store, department store, Farm Feed store, and so on…are customers finding your product among the hundreds of others? Wouldn’t you like for that to happen?

What can you do to get your resellers to “plug” your product more? What I am about to suggest would also be a good “sales” point for you to utilize when recruiting new resellers. Offer your reseller network Co-op Advertising Funding.

A co-op advertising program is a partnership between both the manufacturer and the retailer to share in the cost of advertising at the local level. As the manufacturer (brand) you would create a fund (known as accrual fund), for your resellers to use to promote your brand(s) in their advertising. The fund is based on a percentage of the products that each reseller purchases from you to sell at their establishment. Most brands that offer co-op funding generally provide anywhere from half to 3% of their purchases. You will want to set guidelines for featuring your brand name – for instance, you may not want to see any competitors in the ad, or you may want your name mentioned 3 times in a 60-second broadcast ad, and this is where Localogy comes in.

Localogy has worked with thousands of brands and can help you create a co-op program that works perfectly for you and your reseller channel. Co-op advertising is a win/win for both parties as the advertising gets more customers in the store to make the reseller more money and in turn, they order more product from you to keep up with demand. Contact Val Onyski at [email protected] to find out how you can offer a program to your resellers.

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