If you work with any powersports dealers, specifically motorcycles, this is a great time to advertise utilizing their co-op funds. Now that we have officially hit the spring season, folks will be out looking for either new model “bikes” or great deals on last year’s models.

March is the start of Motorcycle Rally season. There are rallies all over the country through October. Let’s look at a few of these events:

  • Arizona Bike Week – April 3-7, 2024
    Scottsdale, AZ
  • Warrensville Bike Rally – May 28 – June 4, 2024
    Warrensburg, NY
  • Oklahoma Bike Week – June 27-30, 2024
    Depew, OK
  • Gettysburg Bike Week – July 11-14, 2024
    Gettysburg, PA

And the “granddaddy” of them all is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD. It will take place August 2 – 10, 2024.

Below are just a few brands that offer co-op funding for Motorcycle brands and equipment:

Brand Name – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

Honda Motor Co. – Motorcycles/ATV – Motorcycles, ATVs, PWC, MUV & Scooters
Dealers earn anywhere from $20 to $70 dollars for each unit purchased (depending on dealer level). The funding amount is provided to dealers on April 1. Reimbursement is 50% for dealer level L1 and L2, 60% for dealer level L3 and L4 and 70% for L5 dealers.

Kawasaki – Motorsports – Motorcycles, ATV’s, Jet Ski Watercraft
The accrual fund is 1% of the prior year’s purchases. SEM and Email marketing eligible for 50% reimbursement. Dealer created ads eligible for 50% reimbursement. Kawasaki created ads eligible for 60% reimbursement.

Suzuki Motorsports – Motorcycles, Quad Runner ATV’s, Scooters The accrual fund is 1.5% of net current model purchases. The program runs from October through September of the following year. Reimbursement is 60% for motorcycles (ATV’s, etc.) and 70% for parts/accessories.


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