It is NASCAR season – congratulations to Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. for winning the Daytona 500! This was just the first race of the season that runs through November 5th. The final race of the year will be the NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race at the Phoenix Raceway on November 5th. The great thing about this nine-month race season is that races are held all over the country. This is a great time to utilize co-op funding to promote your customer’s auto parts store, auto dealers, etc., and tie-in to a NASCAR race in their local area. Listed below are just a few of the upcoming race dates and locations.

  • March 19th – Ambetter Health 400
    Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta, GA
  • March 26th – EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix
    Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
  • April 2nd – Toyota Owners 400
    Richmond Raceway, Richmond, VA
  • April 23rd – GEICO 500
    Talladega Speedway, Talladega, AL
  • May 7th – AdventHealth 400
    Kansas Speedway, Kansas City, KS
  • May 21st – NASCAR All-Star Open
    North Wilkesboro Speedway North, Wilkesboro, NC

Not only will you see all the new car brands (that do offer co-op) advertised at these races, but you will also see plenty of automotive parts and supplies brands advertised. Let’s look at a few of those that offer co-op funding below:

Brand – Product/Services – High-Level Guidelines

  • General Motors – Parts Dealers – Parts, Oil, and Accessories
    Mfr. will reimburse 100% for traditional/digital advertising. Accrual fund is earned based on the prior year’s purchases. All Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC dealers are eligible.
  • Ford Motor – Quick Lane – Quicklane Service
    The accrual fund is 4.5% of eligible retail Ford, Motorcraft, and Omnicraft part sales. The manufacturer will reimburse 50% of traditional/digital advertising.
  • Yokohama Tire Corporation – Tires
    Accrual fund earned at 1% of annual purchases after dealer reaches 1,000 units. It goes to 2% after purchases reach 1,750 units or more in a calendar year. Accrual funds are made available quarterly. The manufacturer will reimburse 100% of traditional/digital advertising.
  • Bridgestone – Tires
    Firestone brand is also eligible for funding. The manufacturer will pay up to 100% for traditional/digital advertising. The accrual percentage earned varies based on the channel of the dealer.

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